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    Inspiration | Bread Baking Essentials for Beginners

    Hey guys, today I want to talk (well, write) about my current favourite topic, bread baking. I have ‘discovered’ it for me only a few weeks ago and I am already excited by all the possibilities. There is just something about making things that you normally buy at the supermarket or in this case, at the bakery. This is why I wanted to learn more about this craft, although I’m still learning at pasta making as well. Plus,  I wanted to learn how to experiment with different flours and other ingredients. What I can say after a couple of weeks is this: There is no magic to it, you just have to have a bit of courage. And be open to failure, because this is how you learn in bread making. Actually, this is how you learn in life! So here’s what I’ve learned so far. Continue Reading

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    DIY | Spicy Chai Syrup for Colder Days

    Happy New Year guys! Wow, how much time has passed since I promised you this Chai recipe, and so much has happened since then. How was Christmas, and New Year’s Eve?…

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    Merry Christmas!

    Guys, I hope you had a splendid year full of ups and downs, laughs and cries, excitement and boredom. I hope you had too much to drink, at least one piece…

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    DIY | Delicate Paper Bag Stars

    It’s almost Christmas guys, and I’m so excited! I know that most of you have already decorated, but I still have a small treat for you: Paper Bag Stars! Although my…