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    Treats | Homemade Pistachio Cake

    Let them eat (pistachio) cake! Okay, I’m not Marie Antoinette and I don’t have a starving nation at my feet, but the joke was just too good to not make it, right? So, I am talking writing about this wonderful pistachio cake today. A moist cake, full of flavour and colour and, well, pistachios. What a fantastic kind of nut, isn’t it? Although I love it as a snack and I actually prefer pistachios to peanuts, I never thought about making a cake out of it. But, here I am, adding this delicious recipe to my portfolio. Continue Reading

  • Decoration DIY

    DIY | Concrete Copper Candle Holder

    It’s finally time for my first concrete project guys! As I have written two weeks ago, I haven’t taken part in all the concrete craziness for now. Although was always a…

  • Treats

    Treats | Luscious Apple Cinnamon Rolls

    As Christmas is slowly getting closer, my body starts to crave things like mulled wine, cookies and chocolate, spiced with cinnamon and lots of love. I must be jinxed! Of course,…