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    DIY | Polymer Clay Statement Earrings

    Hullo crazy DIY people, today I want to dig into the magic of polymer clay! Do you remember the crafting sessions as a kid when you would make the coolest jewellery out of colourful polymer clay? Although I haven’t worked a while with this stuff, it’s absolutely amazing to craft statement jewellery, even as an adult. As a kid I remember making this heart shaped pendant out of red and white clay, and I haven’t really crafted with it until I started my blog. Which is a shame, because you can make amazing earrings like these ones and these ones, or even statement necklaces like this one. And since the statement earring is THE thing now, I wanted to try my hand at my own version. Continue Reading

  • Eating Sweet Recipes

    Treats | Creamy Custard Cruffins

    Hello lovely people! Although maybe right before my vacation is not the best time to gain weight, I just couldn’t not bake these heavenly cruffins. First of all, they’re super fluffy…

  • Interiors

    DIY | IKEA Hack: Wire Cake Stand

    Hey lovely people, who doesn’t love a good IKEA hack, especially involving a simple cake stand? Right, I do. Although I am kind of out of sorts with dear IKEA since…