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    Treats | Tropical Fruit Chocolate Bark

    Chocolate, chocolate doesn’t ask questions. It understands. I know this might sound crazy to you, but I actually have a normal relationship with this stuff. ‘No way!’ you might think. But it’s true. I don’t crave it as often, and when I eat some, I only eat a piece or two. This may partly be because I am a lover of savoury stuff. Do not put a bowl of potato crisps near me, I guarantee you that I will empty it! And the bag! Maybe it’s partly because I shifted my chocolate preferences years ago from milk to dark. And when you eat a piece of the dark chocolate, your craving for sweets is basically gone. Great, isn’t it? Continue Reading

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    DIY | Delicate Feather Votive

    Don’t you think that a votive is an essential to make every room in your home comfortable? Since January is finally over, it’s slowly starting to get brighter outside whenever I…

  • Fashion Love

    Fashion Love | Fashion ABC – E

    Fashion, fashion never changes. And because fashion is the way it is, it attracts and drives away so many people. I find that highly interesting! We cannot live without the fabric…