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    Treats | Crunchy Quinoa Sushi Rolls

    If there is one food I love more than anything, it’s probably sushi. And I guess you can ask me every day of the week, and I would want to eat it. There is just something about the combination of ingredients that is so refreshing and delicious in a subtle way. I just can never resist. And I think the best part is: You never feel bloated with food after eating sushi. Hell, even supermarket sushi can be pretty amazing. And there are so many varieties out there that it never gets boring! Furthermore it’s always easy to please both vegetarians and regular eaters, you just have to like raw fish. Poor souls who don’t, because they’re really missing out. Continue Reading

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    Tips | App Review: Stylebook

    If you asked women on the street about their closet, I bet most of them would tell you that they often feel like they had nothing to wear. Right?? And if…

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    DIY | Patched Denim Jacket

    I am usually not the type of girl to wear brightly coloured dresses, or shirts for that matter. I feel most comfortable in black, and grey, and white. So when I…