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    Treats | Roasted Chickpeas Three Ways

    Let’s talk chickpeas guys! Do you know the phenomenon that when it gets colder you’re more likely to be wanting something to nibble when relaxing on your sofa? I am pretty sure that some of you will think ‘I’m feeling this all year long’. Well, for me this will to get an extra bite here and there gets pretty strong the colder it is. And there are so many delicious options, especially in December. They are making it extra hard to stay away: Marzipan, chocolate, biscuits… And even worse: I am constantly confronted with heavenly goods at work because my colleague loves to bake! So I was thinking, why not tone it down a bit at home in case the cravings overcome me again? The healthiest solution: roasted chickpeas! Continue Reading

  • Decoration DIY

    DIY | Pine Cone Advent Decoration

    Previous weekend has been the weekend of the first Advent, and with this the official start of Christmas season. Isn’t this fantastic? Just think about it, Christmas lights everywhere, the smell…

  • DIY Jewellery

    DIY | Marble Cube Eardrops

    Marble seems to be the trend around the creative Internet right now, and it’s a trend I do like to follow! Like the copper trend a few months ago (is it…