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    Inspiration | 7 Projects I Want to Try This Winter

    Although it’s still autumn on my calendar, it really feels like winter down here. Okay, by “down here” I mean central Europe, and by “winter” I mean 6 degrees. For US people: That’s about 42 degrees F, and depending on where you live reaaaally cold or almost summer. For me it’s way too cold and not autumnal at all. Anyway, I’m not here to complain about the weather! I’m here to raise some anticipation in you (and me) for another beautiful winter and Christmas season. Where the weather may be shitty, but we got mulled wine and chocolate and books and tea and…so much more! See, not so bad at all, right?

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    Treats | Luscious Apple Cinnamon Rolls

    As Christmas is slowly getting closer, my body starts to crave things like mulled wine, cookies and chocolate, spiced with cinnamon and lots of love. I must be jinxed! Of course,…