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    Treats | Eatable Cookie Dough – Three Ways

    There is this one childhood memory that I cherish very deeply – eating the leftover dough after making a cake. This was always the best part for me, and I often liked the dough better than the actual cake. And of course you know why you just don’t eat the whole bowl: the raw eggs and baking agents make your stomach rumble, you might even get sick from it. Because you can easily get a salmonella infection from the eggs. Didn’t know that as a child, and I was probably really lucky I didn’t get one. But that taste for cake and cookie dough lasted! Lucky for me (us) there is a new trend out there that makes everything so much better. Continue Reading

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    Treats | Crunchy Quinoa Sushi Rolls

    If there is one food I love more than anything, it’s probably sushi. And I guess you can ask me every day of the week, and I would want to eat…