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    Travel | City Guide: Three Days in Paris

    We were staying in Paris… Yes, you heard right, I am talking about the city of love! The city so many artists have honoured in their music, films, paintings and writing. It’s a city full of wonder, and a place you cannot really describe unless you have been there. I actually have been in Paris five times now and I can honestly say that I still haven’t seen everything. Which is good, because I will definitely come back several times. Paris is quite the phenomenon, and when you get rid of that thought in your head that it’s a corny place because they say it’s for lovers, you might get lost in a whirlwind of smells, sights, tastes and sounds that leave you wondering. And longing for more! So hop on a plane or train and get your ass there! Continue Reading

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    Treats | Crunchy Quinoa Sushi Rolls

    If there is one food I love more than anything, it’s probably sushi. And I guess you can ask me every day of the week, and I would want to eat…

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    Tips | App Review: Stylebook

    If you asked women on the street about their closet, I bet most of them would tell you that they often feel like they had nothing to wear. Right?? And if…

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    DIY | Patched Denim Jacket

    I am usually not the type of girl to wear brightly coloured dresses, or shirts for that matter. I feel most comfortable in black, and grey, and white. So when I…