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    Treats | Carrot Cake Fried Egg Cupcakes

    Okay guys, you might be thinking that I’d bake cupcakes with fried eggs but hear me out! Although these cupcakes look like the real thing, they’re super moist and sweet and delicious and just the perfect thing for Easter. Because just like my Red Cabbage Dyed Easter Eggslast week they’re focusing on the egg theme, being a symbol for fertility at Easter. And although I am not a religious person I like to decorate and bake for the holidays, but rather in a pagan way. How do you celebrate Easter?

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  • Interiors

    DIY | Red Cabbage Dyed Easter Eggs

    Easter is coming guys! And how better to decorate for Easter than to make some naturally dyed Easter eggs! To be honest, I haven’t blown or dyed eggs since I was…

  • DIY Eating

    DIY | Basil Infused Olive Oil

    Hello culinary friends, today we’re making basil infused olive oil! As spring has finally arrived here in western Germany (more or less…), I am stocking up on herbs and spices for…

  • Style Wardrobe

    DIY | Safety Pin Statement Sweater

    Hullo creatives of the world, today we’re crafting a statement sweater with some safety pins! All you need is an old or new plain sweater and some of your favourite allrounder,…