Rustic Twig Candle Holders

It just so happened on Friday that there was a sudden weather change (which is sadly over now), giving me the chance for a good run in the park and apparently an opportunity to go twig-hunting. As you certainly have seen above I decided to upgrade my interior with these cute little twig candle holders I have seen on CraftySpice, crafting them just a bit differently.


You need:

  • some twigs
  • glass tea light holders
  • golden filament
  • hot glue gun (Update: take regular glue since the tea light holders will get warm)

Twig-1After cleaning the twigs and letting them dry the required time, cut them the approximate length of your tea candle jar. Differences in length are recommended for a natural look.

Now take a piece of golden filament, fold it in half and start connecting the twigs as shown by winding both ends around a stick and twisting the ends one time before taking a new one. Take into consideration that on one end the twigs need to be aligned.

When reached the end twist the ends a few times and cut the filament. Repeat this process on the lower part of the twigs. Now you have that nice little line of twigs, reminding just a bit of a miniature fence.

Start applying hot glue to the lower ends of the first twigs and attach them to the jar. Continue with the rest of the line and connect the ends with filament. And that’s it!


I must say, I hadn’t thought them to come out this cool. Especially the light they radiate, creating this delicate pattern on the surface. I hope you are inspired and go a little twig-hunting in the woods as well, especially if it happens to have that nice side effect in the end, aside from being outdoors.

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