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Aventurine Eardrops

Here’s the deal: since my favourite colour is green my brain seems to be programmed to find everything in this particular shade around me. I had a green iPod once (I think that started it), I have a green bicycle, my beloved sweater is green and if I had a car it surely would be green as well. So when I discovered these natural shaped aventurine splinters in my art supplies shop of choice the wheels in my head started turning and before I knew it they landed in my bag. Luckily a week before I had seen a random celebrity wearing these beautiful earrings in shape of a grapevine, very romantic and reminding me of a Greek goddess. So of course, I just had to do them myself.

You need:

  • golden filament
  • golden ear hooks
  • aventurine splinters (punched)
  • golden wire
  • pliers and wire cutter

Think about the total length of your eardrops and cut two pieces of chain accordingly (mine were about 5cm). With the pliers attach the pieces to your ear hooks.

Attach a longer piece of golden filament to the approximate point where you want your grapevines to start by threading it through a link of the chain and twisting the end around the rest of the wire.

Thread the filament through the hole of an aventurine splinter and sort of “stitch” it to the chain by just threading it once more through the link. Continue with the other splinters. (Note: I used the larger pieces for the top of the grapevine)

Use the tiny pieces to fill up the space between the bigger splinters. Now you can thread the wire through the already existing loops if you cannot reach the chain links.

When you use the smaller pieces for the lower part the eardrops should automatically get in the grapevine shape. Otherwise attach some extra pieces to the upper part. In the end try to conceal the end of the wire by twisting and bending it until it’s hidden by some splinters.



There goes the Greek goddess!


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