Design Coffee Mugs

By chance I discovered these design mugs last week when I paid a visit to one of my favourite blogs A Beautiful Mess. They featured them on their monthly wishlist and I thought to myself that the mugs would be a quick and easy DIY and a potential gift for later. I really liked the clean style, reminding me of 70’s tableware (but without the weird colours). So I thought of some designs I could use and went for two of them.

You need:

  • white mugs
  • porcelain pen

Think of some designs you might want to paint on your mugs. Or you take one of these.


Draw your favourite design onto the mug. Pay attention to not smudging the lines with your hand.


Bake the mug in the oven as prescribed on the porcelain pen (for me it was 160°C for 90 minutes).


That’s it! The actual work took about 15 minutes, so this could really be a last minute present.

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