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So I figured that every one of you has at least one of these plain old t-shirts in her closet, too good to pick it out but just too boring to wear more often. I confess that I have one or two of my own in the back of my closet. However, I don’t really like to just give them away, or worse, trash them. For me with a little creativity and a little skill you can really make something out of those shirts. In this case, my shirt does not even stay in its regular shape. Because of spring and summer season pending I decided that a top just the right thing to do. But there is more to that.


You need:

  • a plain t-shirt
  • sequin ribbon
  • needle and yarn

Sequin-1If you have a dress form that’s perfect, just slip on the shirt and then the top over the shirt (you might secure it with pins). Trace the form of the top. If you do not have a dress form: Slip on the shirt and the top yourself and secure the top with pins. Then cautiously take off both and trace the form of the top.


Cut along the traced lines, but leave a surplus of about 1cm for the border. Fold the extra fabric for the border and secure with pins.


Sew the borders and iron them if you want to.


Now it’s time for embellishments: try different styles with your sequin ribbon (you can attach it with pins). I decided to do a simply version and make a small breast pocket on the right side of the top. Draw the outline of your design onto the fabric; you will not see it when the ribbon is attached.


Attach the sequin ribbon by sewing it by hand. On the back of the ribbon are small loops you can use.

The sewing may take a little bit of time if you do not want the seams to show. The sequin ribbon offers you many ways to design your garment and it’s definitely an eyecatcher for warm summer nights or something you can easily wear with a black blazer.

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