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Peach Butter Spread

A few weeks ago I tried these heavenly Raspberry Macarons and it came to my mind that the butter cream holding the meringue halves together could easily be used as a sweet spread for bread or other pastry. I don’t know if this already exists, but sweet butter spread has never caught my attention in the supermarket before. Maybe if I look right…

Anyway, as well as there is herb butter out there I am trying to make a sweet revolution and introduce the alternative! You can use almost every fruit you want to and create you own version, maybe even mix two kinds of flavours. I started with peaches because I had them at home and they remind me of summer.

You need:

  • tinned peaches (or fresh if you have them at hand)
  • butter
  • honey
  • lemon juice
  • blender

Blend the peaches until you have a smooth mixture. Melt the butter in the microwave. I used about half of the butter package and two peaches (they usually come in halves when tinned).

Mix peach mousse and melted butter and blend again until it’s smooth. Add honey and/or lemon juice to refine the taste.

Fill the mixture into old jam jars and cool it in your refrigerator.



That’s about all what there’s to it. You can play with the proportions of peach mousse and butter and of course add other flavours, but I really liked how it turned out for me. Not to sweet but you can taste the peaches. Happy sweet Sunday!

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