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Giant Gem Necklace

I actually came across this kind of necklace a few years ago and since then I wanted to give it a try. Since gems and stones are a girl’s best friend what’s better than to enlarge the whole situation and make a statement necklace out of it, which is by the way super easy to craft? I did exactly that and I even had the liberty of choosing the colour.


You need: 

  • polymer clay in a colour of your choice
  • heavy thread
  • golden chain
  • jump rings
  • golden clasp
  • bead tips

Gem-1Mix the polymer clay to get your desired colour. I mixed white and purple to get a sort of nude lilac. Form balls in different sizes.


With a sharp knife cut off parts of the orbs to get sharp edges and to give them a gem-like look. Repeat with the other orbs.

With a wooden pick make holes into the gems.


Bake them as required on the package. Now you have your giant gems ready. Thread the yarn or whatever kind of thread you use through the hole of a bead tip, form a knot and close the tip.


Thread the gems on the attached yarn and close with another bead tip as before.


Split your chain into to and attach each end on each end of the gem part. Attach the clasp.

You see it is not that difficult and you can choose whatever size you want for your gems. Try and toy around by making bracelets, rings, eardrops aside from the necklace. You have so many possibilities! You can even paint the gems with nail polish to give them some extra shine. I hope you are inspired!

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