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It seems to me that women tend to have problems with storing small things like jewellery or accessories. Don’t get me wrong, I am not an exception. I pack bags in the back of my closet, necklaces in a little box in my cabinet and some of my rings and earrings in a tiny sake bowl on my desk. You see, when getting ready in the morning I jump from one corner to another to my mirror and back again. Pretty exhausting.

Aside from that I think that especially jewellery, which is supposed to adorn you, should not be locked away and never looked at. So I decided to get that bling-bling (namely my eardrops) out of my closet and decorate my room with it. Positive side effect: You have way better access to everything and it is easier to decide what to wear.


You need: 

  • a deep picture frame (one of those where you have space in front of your picture)
  • florist’s wire
  • ordinary glue
  • small hooks with threads
  • white paint
  • white construction paper
  • watercolours

3Start with cutting out the construction paper in the right size. Don’t worry if it’s a bit too small. Paint your design onto the paper. I decided to give it a brighter touch.


After disassembling the frame (you should have the glass front, the main frame, then a smaller frame that fits right into it, the back part and a white cardboard tile with a rectangular cut-out in the middle), measure the length of that smaller frame and divide the length into four, then mark the three points where you want to screw in the hooks. You may need to push them a bit into the wood at first before screwing them in.

Thread the florist’s wire through the holes of the hooks and fasten it by twisting it around itself. Do the same on the other side.


Mix your white paint with glue so it will connect with the wire. Paint the linking pieces and the hooks, let it dry.


Now you just have to set it all back together, just a little differently: Start with the main frame (the wrong side facing you) and set in the smaller frame with the wire pieces. Then comes the glass front. Now set in your designed template (the right side down of course), the white cardboard tile and the back part.

CIMG5813I actually crafted this years ago but decided to make another one for my friend’s birthday last weekend. Now you can upgrade your room by showing off your favourite eardrops and have a little decision aid for those times when you just don’t know what to wear to your outfit. And of course you can redesign it whenever you want!

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