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Romantic Shorts

As I have announced this week I am going to show you three ways to upgrade your old shorts or slacks instead of throwing them away. This way you not only colour up your wardrobe, but save money and will have an individual item others will be envious of. This week I am going to show you how to use an item you might know from your grandmother and embellish a pair of jeans shorts to give them a romantic and dainty look.


You need:

  • a pair of jeans shorts (or old jeans)
  • lace
  • a carpet knife
  • sand paper
  • needle and yarn (or sewing machine)

Shorts-1Prepare your shorts and place the lace how you want it to be later on. Cut it at the right length.

Cut your jeans or pair of shorts to the right length. I actually used a pair I worked on a while ago, but I didn’t like them anymore. The best is to leave them a bit longer on the inside and shorter on the outside.


Start roughening the fabric with sandpaper to give it a worn out look. With the carpet knife make little cuts and loosen the threads of the fabric.


Take the lace and place it where you want it to be. Fixate with pins so it doesn’t shift.

Attach the lace with a sewing machine.


Ready are your romantic shorts which are best combined with a plain white or a flowery tee. Just don’t overdo it with the lace, that would be too much. I hope you are inspired!

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