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Colourful Shorts

I recently presented you the first way to upgrade your old slacks, and I think now it’s time for a little more colour. This one I actually owe to a good friend who asked me to do one of those shorts she discovered here and I thought “Why not doing them for myself as well?” In the end I went a bit further and reinvented a pair of my old jeans, which was very easy and quick indeed. Some of you might know that I crafted these shorts a little while ago for a blog I did with a friend last year, but I thought they might fit in here perfectly.


You need:

  • a pair of old white jeans (or shorts)
  • patterned fabric
  • needle and yarn
  • textile colour

Colourful-1Cut your jeans at the desired length (maybe take different shorts as a model).

Dye your jeans! I used a mandarine tone and left it about five minutes in the bowl.

Colourful-2Now the best part: destroy your shorts. I used sandpaper to get a bleach effect and a carpet cutter to frazzle the hem and make holes into the fabric.

Take the patterned fabric and fix it with fixing pins onto your shorts (on one side). Attach the fabric to the jeans, cutting it near the seams in the end.

I’m pretty thrilled by the result, I like the colour and the patterned fabric is matching just fine. I can see myself wearing them with a white shirt and sandals (if only it would be summer here in Germany). I hope you are inspired!


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