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Fake Onyx Studs

Things change. Okay, that’s a pretty obvious statement. This change pervading all areas of life certainly does include the matter of taste and style, and especially when you grow up it can go from here to there in an instant. You remember when you bought those particular shoes you wanted so badly and a few months later you couldn’t stand them anymore? It’s the reason why we always seem to want to muck out our closet and the reason why we sell our stuff at flea markets at 6.30 in the morning. The point is, when you reach a certain age you start to find your own style, you know what suits you and you don’t undergo the stress to run after every trend. I have definitely not reached this point yet, but I feel that I’m getting there.

For example, back in the days I really liked floral earrings and necklaces, very bright and sparkly stuff. Then I had a phase when I was into black and silver stuff (around 8th grade) and I think after that it changed about two times more.

Right now I am falling for simple gold jewellery (you remember my post) and I’ve come to the conclusion that this kind is timeless and enhances your outfit instead of stealing the show. Geometrical jewellery however can be pretty edgy while keeping it simple, which brings me to this DIY tutorial.8

You need:

  • black modelling clay
  • clear varnish
  • stud blanks
  • a sharp knife
  • files


Start by drafting the design of your studs. Cut it out.


With a bottle roll the modelling clay until it’s about 1cm thick. Lay the template onto the clay and with the knife cut around the outlines. Repeat for the other stud.


With a ruler mark the lines for the geometrical design, the “gem cut” of the studs. With the knife carve along these lines to flatten it at the sides. Use the ruler to straighten the rims.


Bake the blanks as required on the package, let them cool. Now take your file and smoothen the surface, sharpen the edges etc.


Coat the studs with clear varnish a few times to get a nice and shiny look. Attach the stud blanks with glue.


I’ve fallen in love with these studs! They look really good when I have my hair in a bun and with dark shadowed eyes. It’s a little challenge to get the studs exactly alike, but it’s definitely worth it!

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