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So it came to me last week that both organizing and displaying your jewellery on your walls is a pretty good thing which should not confine itself solely on earrings. Because women not only wear earrings, right? Anyways, months ago I came across these bright and colourful furniture handles you now seem to find on every corner. I had little use for these things then, but the moment a vague idea of this DIY formed itself in my head the handles were nowhere to be found (Murphy’s Law or what?). Lucky for me I eventually found them in my online shop of choice, and of course after that I found the handles in almost every shop again, haha.

However this did not stop me to put my idea into practice and I must say that it might take some technical skills (or a dad who’s just brilliant in this field) but it’s –as usual- totally worth it.


You need:

  • a wooden board
  • four furniture handles (in different colours)
  • four nuts (if not delivered with the handles)
  • two picture hooks
  • white spray paint
  • power drill
  • metal saw, wood saw
  • sand paper

Rack-1Cut your wooden board into the desired length and sand off the edges. Now measure the length for the four handles (so five identical distances) and mark with a pencil. Take the power drill and drill the four holes with the exact diameter of the handle’s thread.


Now it’s getting a little tricky: turn over the board and take a drill with a larger diameter and drill halfway through the already existing holes (I hope you’re getting my idea from looking at the pictures).

It’s time to paint the whole thing. Find yourself an open place where you won’t run the risk to accidently paint something you didn’t want to paint at all. Pay attention to the wind!


Take one of the handles and attach it to the board by putting it through one of the holes (the drilled notch at the back) and securing it at the back with a nut. You might want to take pliers for that. Tighten the nut at the back until it “disappears” into the hole. Take the metal saw and cut of the rest of the handle’s thread so it won’t be in the way when you hang the rack. Repeat with the other handles.


Attach the picture hooks.


What’s left to do is that you only need to get some nails and a hammer, pay attention that it’s hung evenly. Now get your necklaces and arrange them on the rack, they will look fantastic and it’s so much easier to choose from them in the morning when you just cannot decide what to wear with your blouse/top/tee. I hope you are inspired!


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