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Hammered Leaf Necklace

If you ever wonder where you could get inspiration for designing jewellery, try Every time I visit this site I find something that could be my possible next DIY-project (if only I had some time and money). Anyway, this necklace caught my attention the last time and I almost instantly made my way to the hardware store hunting for material. By the way: the hardware store is the go-to location for DIYers, just look around and I’m sure you’ll find something inspiring that could be turned into jewellery in some way! So I found these copper sleeves, normally used to connect water pipes, and I thought if you slice them open you could easily get a similar look (although it would be copper instead of gold). Well that’s what I did!


You need:

  • seven (or more) copper sleeves
  • black rope
  • jewellery clasp (for ropes)
  • jewellery pliers
  • sand paper
  • metal saw

Leaf-1With your metal saw cut open the copper sleeves on one side (so you can spread them open later). Spread open the material with your pliers. You may want to use another pair for support. Don’t pay attention to get everything even and smooth for the rough and uneven surface will give the “leaves” a hammered look.


Try bending one side of the metal sheet to get a sort of loop (through which you can thread the rope later on). Use the small jewellery pliers for that.


Repeat with the other sleeves. Then take the sand paper and grind off the sharp edges produced by the earlier cutting. Thread the copper hammered leafs on the black rope and add the jewellery clasp.

CIMG6028 copy

And you’re done! Although the leafs are not gold and it doesn’t look exactly like the one on the picture (but who would want that anyway), I’m pretty satisfied with this necklace. The copper will shine beautifully in the sun and the black rope has a nice nautical touch to it. Aaand we now have the second necklace for our jewellery rack! I hope you’re inspired!

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