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Potato Print Aztec Shirt

Guys, it’s time to admit something: I’m a huge OneRepublic fan. And if I say huge I mean me going to every concert they played in my vicinity, knowing every song from every album and even having photos with them (and an autographed album cover). I kinda grew up with them, if you can call the time from 15 to 20 growing up. Anyway, what my fandom has to do with this particular DIY project is this: This year the band released a new album, and of course I went to their concert ending up pretty impressed with their stage performance and above all their album’s new artwork, decorating the stage as well. It’s basically Aztec patterns and geometrical forms, but very simple and really fitting. Now you see why I went searching for some more ethno/Aztec patterns in my last post to get a bit inspired in that matter. What I eventually ended up doing I present you here, taking a basic linen tee and colouring it up a little with a method I haven’t used since I was a kid. Surprisingly it was very easy and so much fun!


You need:

  • a white linen shirt
  • three large potatoes
  • a knife
  • fabric colour (in green, blue, red, yellow and black)
  • a paintbrush

Aztec-1Start by preparing the geometrical forms. I decided to make four basic forms which can be placed side by side to make sort of patterned garlands. So take a pencil, a sheet of paper and design your templates!

Cut out your templates and place each one on a potato half (which are cut into halves before of course). The paper template will automatically stick to the surface so it’s pretty easy for you to cut along the edges with the knife (about half a centimetre deep).


It might be a little tricky to cut off the area around your template, but just place the potato sideways and cut to the edges of your template. If you want to you can trim the edges of your potato. Repeat with the other templates.


Time to mix the colours. I added a little black to every colour to get a shaded look, but you can mix them however you want.

Prepare the Tshirt by placing an old pad underneath it so the colour won’t seep through. Take one of the potato halves and dip it into the colour or brush it with the paintbrush. Place the potato onto the fabric and repeat as many times as you want.


I decided to make little arrows in red, so place a triangle shape and with the paintbrush paint the rest of the arrow. Above all: do not freak out if the shapes don’t look perfect, a bleached and uneven look is just what we want!


The last thing to do is ironing the shirt so that the colour won’t come of when you wash it. That’s it!

I must say, this project was more fun than I imagined. I felt like a little kid again, but this time with an adult outcome of what I did. I really like the colours and the shapes, and although the lines are a bit crooked and not perfect at all the overall design is pretty cool! I hope you’re inspired to find your inner child and play with some potato print!



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