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Tequila Sunrise Pop-Tails

When you’re a deep-rooted DIYer and have been for some time you still don’t get around fearing that the project you started and poured all your heart in might not turn out well in the end. That’s not only a risk in crafting but in every section of life, but we’re not discussion life matters here. Anyway, this project was both fun and a bit of a risk at the same time and the reason for that is simple: Alcohol freezes at temperatures around -100°C and my freezer is really not that cold. So you understand my initial anxiety that the alcoholic popsicles I was going to make would not freeze at all (and I would end up with a really small cocktail and a wooden stick). Luckily we’re all capable of researching the internet and in the end I came up with the info that as long as the percentage of alcoholic amount was 20 or less the thing would freeze. End of story: I’m proud to present my first Tequila Sunrise adult Pop-Tails for warm summer nights (still got my fingers crossed they might come back in the next weeks).



You need:

  • little molds for popsicles
  • Tequila
  • orange juice
  • lemon juice
  • grenadine syrup
  • jigger

Unfortunately I had to transfer the measurements of a normal Tequila Sunrise to my tiny popsicle molds which hold about 75ml. So a little calculating is required!

Fill 1,5cl of Tequila into the molds (20% of 75ml)

About 1 cl of lemon juice

Fill up with orange juice

Add the grenadine syrup to get the typical gradient

Now get the molds into the freezer and freeze them for about 1,5 hours, then add the popsicle sticks and freeze them again for about 4 hours.

I must say, very delicious!

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