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Well, I’m finally having the time to actually do something I have posted about before, remember the Comic Relief –Post? This time I did not whip out my brush and textile colour, but wanted to try something a whole lot different requiring not much work (although some computer skills). Photoshop would be ideal for this DIY, but paint or Google will work just as well.


You need:

  • a grey tee or top
  • shirt transfer foil
  • flat iron

Comic-1With Photoshop or paint draft your comic design. I went for one the typical exclamations (I’m sure there is a special term for this, shame on me). If you don’t have a design program or no idea how to do so I’m sure you’ll find something fitting on the Internet.

Print your design onto the special transfer foil (for dark textiles the right way round) and carefully cut it out. Normally the transfer foils are provided with a manual, so you might take a look at that.


Prepare the shirt by pulling it over a wooden board (like a cutting board). Peel away the back of the foil like a decal and place it onto the shirt. Take the provided tissue paper and place it onto the design. Iron the whole thing evenly for three minutes. Let everything cool for several minutes, then slowly peel off the tissue paper. And that’s it!

Wow, that was refreshingly simply done! I might keep this technique in mind for later projects, I mean you can design whatever you want and transfer it onto shirts, bags and whatnot. Endless possibilities I must say!

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