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Neon-ish Anklet

I’m always keen to make something on request or birthday presents for my friends, so when my best friend wanted an anklet for her birthday (she knows I love making jewellery) she made it real easy for me this time, for I didn’t have to think of what to do and I usually make birthday presents myself anyway. Peachy!

Now, I’m someone who prefers simple jewellery (as you might remember) and I like to focus on two main colours/materials, so I decided to craft a golden anklet with neon red-ish highlights in forms of beds I found at the craft store. You know the bright coloured ones with the charms or the ones with these little bells, but they’re nothing for me (rather confuse me with all these things dangling on them). Fortunately the majority of my friends like the style of jewellery that I do and that I like for myself, so no need for compromises there.

Pretty easy procedure in the end making two strands instead of one and shifting the rows of beads to make the whole thing a tad bit more interesting, but see for yourself!


You need:

  • nylon thread
  • golden string
  • 4 jump rings
  • jewellery clasp
  • neon beads
  • jewellery pliers

Neon-1Tie the nylon thread to one of the jump rings. There might be a more elegant solution to this, but it works for me.


Thread the beads on the nylon string. Take as many as you like (I took 10). Then tie another jump ring to the produced row of beads to close it. With the pliers try to thread the ends of the nylon string through the beads to conceal them. Repeat the whole process so you have to strands of beads in the end.


You now have the first part of your anklet. Take the second strand of beads and place it slightly shifted next to the first string. Measure the golden string according to the first part, but make it just marginally longer than the first one.

My jewellery clasp already had two rings attached to it, so I just needed to link the two strands with the clasp on each side. If you have some other kind of clasp you need two jump rings additionally.


That’s all you’ve got to do. Looks really nice and my friend liked it so what do you want more? You can even combine two or more colours if you want to or just make one strand or even make a bracelet instead of an anklet.

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    Melissa D
    24th July 2019 at 5:09 pm

    Hopefully your friend realizes how lucky she was to receive this gift & appreciates it. You’ve done a great job & it turned out lovely. I am going to make at least one but adapt it so that I can wear it as boot jewelry. First time visiting your site & I feel like I stumbled upon a “jewel”-haha!

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