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Mixed Chain Necklace

Well, just another tutorial to a project I actually wanted to do ages ago, but you know how these things work, always getting something in the way (like, my Budapest vacation). Not that I’m complaining. I already had the materials in my cupboard, but just rediscovered them this morning and immediately had to set to work. Nice side-effect: I have something new to wear for tonight!

So to the actual project: I posted about chain necklaces a few weeks ago and after this little bit of researching I actually wanted to do something with the information at hand and went shopping. Know this: you can find the most useful materials when shopping for already pre-made jewellery and I tend to find so much at H&M or all these other shops. And at home I start to disassemble them and set them back together as I like. With just a little skill you can really be very creative.

So I found this rather long compilation of different kinds of small chains from silver and black to reddish and normal gold and I wanted to have them mixed together (they obviously already were), but in a different way. I still had some part of a bigger chain from another project left at home and this small kind of chain for my other necklaces which would fit perfectly. And I got two other kinds of chains at my favourite craft shop – so I was practically ready to go.


You need:

  • all kinds of chains in different sizes and forms
  • jump rings (for my version: 4 large ones, 6 normal ones)
  • jewellery clasp
  • jewellery pliers



Mix-2Consider how you long you want the main part to be and start severing the bigger chains according to that. My version is about 30cm long. Leave some of the chains a little longer so they will fall nicely in the end.

I took one of the large jump rings and started threading all the bigger chains on it. Repeat with the other side.


Repeat step 1 with the small necklaces (I had to sever them with my little wire cutter) and thread them on a smaller jump ring. I didn’t get them all on one so I took a second jump ring for the rest.


You now have three individual strings of different kinds of chains. Time to put them all together! Take one of the large jump rings and thread the three other on it, repeat with the other side.


The last thing you have to do is taking another piece of chain and estimating how long you want the whole thing to be by attaching it to one side of your main piece. Then divide it, attach the other half to the other side and add the jewellery clasp.


Peachy I’d say. I had the whole thing done just in an hour and (without blowing my own trumpet too loudly) I’m rather proud of it. I mean, I just had to sever a thing here and there and put the pieces back together, but for being such an easy project I loved the necklace the first time I put it on. Hope you’re inspired!

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