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Snake Leather Envelope Clutch

As a little side project in between the fashion shows (I still struggle a bit to keep up with everything) I am digging out a rather old project of mine which has been resting in the depths of my folder for a little while now. It’s actually not quite that simple and I really had my problems with sewing everything together, but then I am still learning and considering this the outcome seems not as bad as I thought.

In fact this whole idea is based on the fact that I instantly fell in love with this fake snake leather (I seem to be quite fond of reptile leather) and had the clutch already in my head, since I wanted to do an envelope clutch for ages. And the red jersey lining really gives it a snaky look.


You need:

  • fake snake leather (size of A3)
  • red jersey fabric
  • red and beige yarn
  • sewing machine (with leather needles)
  • turn clasp (I first tried with a traditional magnetic latch but it didn’t work out)

Snake-1Get out your old A3 school pad and start drawing the template for your envelope.

Place the template onto the leather, fix it with pins and trace the outlines. Cut it out leaving about 1cm of space. Repeat with the jersey.

Snake-2Lay the fabrics onto each other (right sides inwards) and secure with fixing pins. Start sewing with the red yarn, leaving a hole for turning it later on.


This one’s a bit tricky. Since the leather is rather stiff and will not bend nicely when turning the whole thing, you have to fold and glue it inwards.


Turn the clutch inside out (through the hole that you left open) and sew the hole shut by hand.

You now have to fold your fabric envelope like you did with the template. Again, place the right side onto the right side so the red fabric is facing you. Sew together the sides with the beige yarn. Turn the clutch inside out again.


Time for the clasp. It normally comes with a manual on how to attach it, so you just follow these steps.

The clutch is now finished! If you want to attach a leather strap or a chain strap follow steps 8 and 9. You’ll need eyelet pliers, a chain and two snap hooks.



With a sharp knife cut two small holes into each side of the flap (you have to cut through both materials). Then punch two eyelets into them.

Attach the snap hooks to the chain. You can now connect the chain with your clutch and wear it over your shoulder.


This project took a bit longer than usual, what with all the sewing and gluing to make it look acceptable in the end. And it does in fact look quite good! The fake snake leather really matches with the red jersey and the golden applications. And it is in fact big enough to store my keys, my purse and my mobile. Hope you’re inspired!


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