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Knotted Best Friend Bling Earrings

What a name for this project I wanted to do since I discovered these at studs and pearls a while ago! And yes I admit that this wasn’t my idea to start with, but of course you can always get inspiration from other blogs and I really really love the outcome of this one. As usual I recommend looking around for fashion jewellery, which normally proves rather cheap but is pretty easy to work with, since you don’t have to buy all the materials but just have to disassemble the pieces and set them back together as you like. Additionally I found this Friendship Bracelet Kit at my local craft store (always surprising me), so I basically had everything I needed to do this.


You need:

  • embroidery thread in different colours (or a Friendship Bracelet Kit)
  • big rhinestone earrings
  • strong glue
  • wire cutter

Friend-1Start by selecting your colours for the knotted part of your earrings. I chose shades of blue and green with a strong red, orange, rose and white for the sides.

Arrange the different threads according to the design you want to knot. Since I had a kit there was a pretty cool design prescribed and I just had to go step by step (I have never in my life crafted this kind friendship bracelets before, I usually go with the boring braided ones). But you can find some designs here.

Friend-2Start knotting until your “bracelet” is approximately 4cm long.


Cut off the excessive thread and glue the ends to the backside. Repeat with the top after untying the knot. Repeat the whole process until you have two little knotted pieces.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATake your wire cutter and start carefully disassembling the rhinestone earrings. I mainly cut off the top rhinestone and separated the three strands.


Glue the three strands to the bottom of the knotted part and the solitary rhinestone to the top (as seen on the picture).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd that’s all there is to it. As this was my first time knotting this kind of bracelets it took me rather long, checking the manual and being frustrated with my own version. But in the end it actually did look rather nice and after piecing the rest together I really was thrilled with the outcome. The bright and lively knotted part is a good companion to the rather glamorous and bold rhinestones. I think this is easily becoming my favourite project of this year. Hope you are inspired!

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