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Braided Chain Necklace

Jeez, the last two weeks really have turned my life upside down again, what with the new semester starting and me trying to organize herself in all this chaos. Unfortunately my time to be creative has been quite limited for this period and I am very sorry to have kept you short on DIYs and whatever I usually come up with. But here I am again!

So I am obviously not quite done yet with the whole chunky chain theme for it still provides me some attraction for experimenting with different styles and materials. This time I wanted to try something a little more colourful and was pretty excited when I spotted this new coral coloured jersey ribbon my favourite craft store offers at the moment. Of course this went into the cart as well as some shiny deep blue rope which was matching just perfectly, and all this for a bronze coloured chain necklace I came to purchase in the Netherlands about two weeks ago. I guess I am repeating myself, but keep looking for cheap jewellery which you can easily use for different projects or spice up with a variety of materials.


You need:

  • chain necklace
  • coral jersey ribbon
  • dark blue rope
  • nylon filament
  • needle


Start by cutting of six strands off the coral jersey ribbon which are about three times as long as your chain necklace and tie them together with a knot at the top. If you could not find any jersey ribbon you can always cut an old shirt into strands and use them for your purposes!



Section the six strands into two big strands and start weaving them through the links of the chain as shown in the pictures above. Finish with a knot and cut off the excess fabric.


Take the rope and with the nylon filament and a needle sew it to the other side of the chain.


Sew the ends of the rope and jersey ribbon together using the nylon filament.


This has been one of my simpler projects, however I am rather pleased with the outcome and I really like this colour combination! Hope you’re inspired!

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