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Beginners Crochet: The Frontlet

It is currently raining outside, the wind is blowing and it already feels like an Arctic winter has arrived here. Time to stay inside, make a cuppa tea und put on some warm socks, unless you have to go outside, perhaps for some unfathomable reason like uni. So you have to put aside all the adverse feelings for this weather and brace yourself. Lucky for me I have always been keen on handiwork and I have my grandma living right next to me, so it’s not that far fetched to learn some basics in crocheting and knitting straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak. Knitting and crocheting for me is the ideal occupation for cold autumn and winter evenings, for it gives your hands something to do while your mind can wander from here to there. Plus it has become rather popular in the recent years, what with all the magazines offering knitting patterns. So head over to the next store and stock up with some fluffy wool and needles.

I have rediscovered crocheting for myself in the last year. While I hated doing it in elementary school (and the outcome was exactly looking like it) I now find it quite fun and it was my first step before I was brave enough to test myself on knitting. So I basically started with this frontlet out of some left over yarn and found that it was ridiculously easy to do!


You need:

  • wool in your favourite colour
  • crochet hook (matching to you wool)
  • embroidery needle

Frontlet-1Start by creating the usual loop and crocheting simple chain stitches. If you don’t know how to crochet at all you’ll find everything you need to now for this right here.


Create a thread of chain stitches which has the length of the circumference of your head (subtract a centimetre or two so that it’s not too loose on your head) and close the ring with a slip stitch.

 In a third step you start making single crochet stitches until your headband has the right breadth to cover your ears.


Finish the work by cutting off the excess wool and threading it through the loop of your crochet hook. Then take the embroidery needle and sew up the rest of the wool.


Create another smaller crochet piece by crocheting about 4 or 5 chain stitches and then continuing with single crochet stitches until it is about 6cm long.

Finish the piece as explained before and place it around your frontlet, creating a sort of bow-like look. Sew the ends of the smaller piece together and turn it so the seam is inside.



Easy peasy I’d say! Of course this is just one of the easier projects in crocheting, but I like the outcome none the less and I feel just a little bit more prepared for the colder days. I hope you’re inspired!

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