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Gold Crystal Quartz Necklace

Time for me to finally catch my breath just one little bit after some rather exhausting but beautiful Christmas season with a hell of a feast yesterday. So while I was rolling through the flat I thought it was time for yet another piece of jewellery which is so easy to craft and looks so very precious. A perfect diversion for days like these, between enjoying one or two good films and eating yesterday’s remnants. 


 You need:

  • a crystal quartz pendant
  • leaf gold
  • fixing glue
  • clear varnish
  • gold chain
  • head pin
  • jump ring
  • jewellery clasp
  • pliers
  • brush



Apply the special fixing glue to the top of your crystal quartz pendant. Make sure to leave the holes open. Let it dry on the surface for about 20 minutes.

Very (very) carefully apply the leaf gold with a very soft brush. It will automatically stick to the area you prepared with the glue. Correct with the brush until you like it.


After letting it dry a bit coat the gold surface with clear varnish.


Time to add the necklace. Thread the headpin through the hole and loop the end with the pliers so that you have a loop on each side of the hole.


Connect the gold chain to the loop and adjust the length of your necklace. Then divide it in the middle and connect the other part with the other loop.


Apply the jewellery clasp and the jump ring.

I must say that I really really like this necklace, especially when I combine it with other golden necklaces. It is very simple but the clarity of the crystal quartz and the delicate golden top fit together just perfectly. One of my favourite projects so far!


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