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Leather Wrap Bracelet

Again this is a project I wanted to do for ages. Ages. It just sat there in the corner of my mind (or better on a page of my notebook), waiting to be materialized. But you know how these things come, other projects fit better and then time goes by and then…well. And then I had to find the right leather in the fitting colour and the studs needed to be shipped from China (that made me think a bit actually), but finally I had everything at hand and then the whole crafting only took me about 30 minutes. So it’s basically a really simple DIY, but with the right materials can look quite precious and expensive. And I mean that. Such a bracelet can easily cost 30 Euros; at least it does in my favourite boutique. What a wonderful thing to be a crafty person or have a crafty person in your circle of friends! 


You need:

  • leather strap
  • golden studs
  • golden end caps
  • jewellery clasp
  • jump rings
  • sharp knife
  • strong glue

Leather-1Measure how long you want the bracelet to be. Just wrap the leather strap twice around your arm and mark where you want to cut it off. Mine is about 36cm long.


Now it’s time to decide in which distance to you want to place the studs on the strap. I wanted to have simpler version and placed few studs in greater distance to one another. So first mark (with a pencil) where you want your first stud to be and from there measure about 5cm for each one.

To apply the studs firstly place it on the mark and push it in a little bit so you can see where the little tips of the stud go into the leather. Take your sharp knife and widen the formed holes until they reach through the material.


Take the stud and push the tips through the holes you created, then turn the strap around and with your knife bend the tips inwards. Repeat the whole process with the other studs.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATo apply the end caps, prepare the ends of the leather straps with glue attach the caps. Let everything dry. If the strap does not quite fit into the caps you can cut off a bit of the leather on each side.


Apply the clasp and the jump rings.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEt voilà: There you have your fine leather bracelet. The colour actually fits to everything and the golden studs and end caps really make it look precious. And it’s so cheap!


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