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Inspired by a tutorial I saw on one of my favourite Blogs (Mr. Kate – worth a visit!) I decided to make my own version which could be called a little bit more complicated for it takes more time and intuition, but I am a person who does not really trust the glue. Take some of your grandma’s old buttons, single pearls and whatever you find and think is beautiful – everything can be used. 


You need:

  • needle and thread
  • hair tie
  • satin ribbon in a colour of choice
  • grandma’s collection of old buttons
  • beads and pearls

Ribbon-1Attach the ribbon to your hair tie by making a loop around the scrunchy and stitching it.

Start sewing on your buttons, beads pearl and whatever more you like. Make it colourful!

When reaching the desired length, sew the other end of your ribbon to the hair tie. Done!


It seemed to me as if I was working on this piece forever, what with all the little pearls and buttons to attach. Yet as the production progressed I fell more and more in love with it. This ribbon does not like to play a minor role, so wear it as a centrepiece to muted colours.



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