Baroque Blackboard Frame

Hello there! As promised on Tuesday I am back with fresh material and ready to share!

When planning to decorate my new flat I knew I was going to place a few DIYs around the rooms, just to give them a personal touch and because it’s waaay cheaper making them yourself than buying them at the store. And of course because it’s just huge fun. This project I started still living at my parent’s flat. I knew which colour I would choose for the walls, especially for one of my bedroom’s walls (dove gray – loving it!), so I tried to match the frame’s colour with my dove gray wall. Normally I’m not that into yellow, but it’s going perfectly with the grey! Of course for your own frame you can choose any colour that’s matching your wall. The blackboard frame its really easy to craft and what I like most about it is that you can write and draw anything you want on it, little love notes, quotes, doodles, even your grocery list. It’s a universal piece of decoration for creative people!


You need:

  • big picture frame (baroque or any style you like – found mine at IKEA)
  • spray paint (make sure it is sticking to the frame’s surface)
  • adhesive blackboard foil
  • scissors
  • long ruler
  • possibly sand paper

3Detach the back of your frame and the glass front so that you just have the structure. Prepare your baroque frame by sanding it off. Find a place where you can’t accidentally spray something you don’t want to and start colouring the frame.


While letting it dry take the back of your frame (normally a wooden or carton board), cut off a big enough piece of the adhesive blackboard foil and start applying it to the board. It’s best to peel off a bit of the protection foil first, apply it to the top of the board (leaving a bit of surplus on every side) and with the long ruler or something similar spread it downward in order to avoid bubbles.


With the scissors make little cuts around the board (into the surplus of the foil), turn the board around and stick the pieces of foil to the surface.

Bring frame structure and board together and -voilà! – you can hang your very own precious blackboard wherever you like.


I hope you like this DIY as much as I do, it’s really complimenting my bedroom and I love drawing things on it. As always, hope you are inspired!


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