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Golden Ring Cluster Necklace

If there is one thing you can count on always complaining about, it’s the weather. The funny thing is, when it’s rainy and cold outside (like yesterday, the day before…) you seem to forget the nice and hot days, which is rather sad. But I have to say that these were very few this year, and I’m still hopefully counting on a golden fall while most of my friends are enjoying their summer vacation. Anyway, I am kind of forced to stay inside (besides the mandatory trip to the grocery store and the few occasions I can eat with my family- yay, free food!) and when I am not working on my papers I’m trying to be kind of creative. Did a lot of hand-sewing over the last two weeks, crafting some jewellery and so on and came across a rather oldish project of mine which I haven’t posted online yet. Which is funny because there are another one or two I haven’t posted but worn on several times – I sometimes kind of forget to make a post about them and then move on to the next project (definitely have to change that!).


You need:

  • a pack of golden washers
  • two strands of black leather ribbon
  • black suede ribbon
  • jewellery clasp for leather
  • strong glue
  • jewellery pliers

Ring-1Take the washers and lay out ready the design and shape of your necklace. I had smaller and bigger ones, so toy around with the different sizes. Better take a picture of the design for later.

Take two washers and cut the black suede ribbon into a small piece to fit around both. Wrap the ribbon around the washers and glue the ends together (make sure the seam is on the back).


Continue to connect the washers with pieces of the suede ribbon, sometimes connecting the same washer twice with another one.


If you’re done the design should look like this. Take the normal leather ribbon, fold it in the middle and wrap the created loop around the end piece. Repeat with the other side and attach the jewellery clasp.



And that’s about it. A very simple necklace out of rather unusual materials, given the fact that this kind of washers is used for door hinges. But that’s why I like shopping at the hardware store so much, you always find something useful. As always, hope you are inspired!


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  • Avatar
    Beneklis Lookbook
    15th October 2015 at 10:36 am

    very pretty! love it it looks very trendy! I have definetely to try it 🙂

    • Michelle
      15th October 2015 at 11:53 am

      Thank you very much!

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