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Here I am again! A few weeks have passed again since I have written the last time, days I spent celebrating my 22nd birthday (wonderful day with wonderful people), travelling to Hamburg with a dear friend for Reeperbahn Festival – such good music, I will write about that later – and of course working on my last and most important paper for Uni. I’m a bit exhausted I have to say, although I intend to have it finished by the end of next week my semester will start again on Monday after that. Sooo, some stressful semester break that was, I guess I need a break from that break. And the weather I slowly getting colder, leaving me with a cold apartment (my heater isn’t working) and the sudden want of hot chocolate, tea and curling up on the sofa. Since the supermarkets are already storing Christmas treats I am mentally heading straight towards my favourite time of the year. However, fall is coming first and no, I am not into pumpkin! Although there is one pumpkin soup I liked which my friend’s mother made once…aaanyway, now is the time when I am being home more often instead of outside, so it’s time to make my apartment comfy and realise some of my further ideas. There is one decoration project I did earlier this year, something very easy but looking so very great on my bedroom walls.


  • three large black picture frames in different styles and sizes
  • A3 sketch block
  • neon paint (I used neon pink)
  • paintbrushes in different sizes
  • computer and printer
  • glue

Art-1Think of three different designs for your frames, perhaps an old fashion advertising, magazine cover etc. I decided to take a display of a Chanel No.5 bottle, an old Vogue cover and a fashion statement. Print the designs out in black and white.

 Fit the size of the sketch block pages into the frames, they will serve as bases for your designs. Adhere the printed designs to the sketch block bases, making sure everything is right in the middle (If you have an A4 frame you don’t need a base).

Take the neon paint and the brushes and paint accentuating words or symbols onto your designs, e.g. the name of a fashion brand or its symbol. Let it dry.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow frame your three designs and hang them up as you want to, in a row or as a cluster.


And that’s it. They look fantastic and rather expensive, and they can really be an eye catcher to an otherwise simply coloured room. Hope you are inspired!


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