Teacup Candle

One thing about me: I love to decorate. Okay I think I’ve said that before when I started to decorate my new flat in which I have lived for almost year now (holy moly…), but I still discover things I want to optimize and corners I want to pretty up and actually I would really love to redecorate…I’d need ten apartments to have my fun with them. And a whole load of money. So I usually confine myself to small things to add or pretty up a bit. I’m actually a bit proud of my coffee table created out of two cases of wine, a pile of fashion magazines and a (new) glass plate on top. Side note: Wine cases are awesome to give some rustic chic to your apartment and you can build almost anything with them, from small side tables to shelves to whole sideboards. And I have a whole set of dishes which wait to be treated well by me for ages. But all in good time, right?

This beauty is an old flea market purchase, you can actually find those sets everywhere in every colour combination. I liked the rose and gold contrast, but it’s actually a little too small for the amounts of tea that I drink. So it became a piece of decoration for my home:


You need:

  • old teacup Service
  • wax flakes
  • wax colorant
  • wick
  • pan
  • porcelain bowl or candle pouring pot
  • yarn
  • wooden skewer

Candle-1Fill a deep pan with water and put a porcelain bowl in it. If you have a candle pouring pot, good for you, because that makes things much easier. Set the temperature to a low level. Pour in some wax flakes and wait until they have melted. This may take some time.

Candle-2Meanwhile, prepare the cup: Take the wick and with some yarn tie it to a long wooden skewer, so it stays in place when you pour in the wax. When the flakes have melted, take a bit of wax colorant in the colour of your choice. I wanted it to be rose, so I took some red colorant. Just be careful with the amount, add piece after piece until you have the desired colour. Add some more wax flakes to balance the colour if you need to.

Candle-3If you have the pouring pot: Just carefully pour the wax into the cup. If not, take a large spoon an transfer the wax into the cup. It’s a messy business, but it works!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJust let the wax dry and cut off the yarn connecting the skewer to the wick.


And that’s it. It’s really a messy business if you don’t have a pouring pot, but you can clean up everything with soap and hot water. If there are some wax leftovers on the cup, take a lighter and heat them up, then remove them with a tissue.

This is actually a really cute piece for my flat, and really easy to craft! Hope you’re inspired!


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