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After a weekend of mostly staying at home and a Sunday staying in bed watching the rain patter against my window and Interstellar on my laptop my last week before uni starts. I think I’ve never done this before, staying in my pyjamas all day long, not caring how I look, doing nothing serious and enjoying the luxury of a delivery service. And taking a nap, soo good. But after a weekend without crafting anything, my fingers are itching and I really have to get something done before my trip to London on Wednesday. I’m really excited, although the flight will surely feel odd to me. Thus I’m not really excited about the flight…

Well, today I’m introducing a new category to my blog. With all the things I come across the internet and real life that inspire me and that I simply find stunning, I thought it would be a good idea to compile a few of these pictures and ideas and present them to you. Just to make sure they inspire you as much as they inspire me. For me this is also a chance to recap all the potential future projects which you might find at some point here.

1: I just love the bleach effect on this shirt and it looks an easy enough project for the future. I guess I just have to take some precautions about the bleach, but I will definitely do this! Here

2: Succulents are the perfect plants for me, although I’d really love to have a garden sometime I don’t have green fingers. My flat is populated by half dead and half picked kitchen herbs, succulents and the occasional bouquet. Oh and a plastic plant. So these beauties would stay a bit longer with me! I like the Mason jar vessel and the coloured sand. Here

3: I am a typical woman when it comes to shoes…and these flats from &other stories already have a spot in my shoe cabinet. Here

4: Chanel is everybody’s darling and of course mine, too (although I haven’t got a single Chanel piece). This print is a harbinger of spring and beautiful in a black and richly ornamented frame. Maybe I have some space left somewhere… Here

5: Another potential project; you remember the red and white plastic chain barriers? Well, oversized chain jewellery is my thing, and that’s definitely an interesting way to use a plastic chain. Here

6: More flowers! More spring! The trees are still leafless, so I guess I have to flower up my wardrobe. Here

7: I have the feeling I see more and more cement projects on the blogs these days and whatever it is, I like it. Candle holders, flowerpots, even jewellery…I will have to take a trip to my local hardware store, but I’m still a little reluctant to craft with cement. I guess it really makes a mess! Here

8: How doesn’t love himself some grilled cheese sandwich? Well I do and this version is on top of my list of things to cook when it’s strawberry season. I mean, what’s better than the mild and savoury flavour of brie in combination with dark and slightly bitter chocolate and the sweet sensation of rich strawberries? Right, nothing! Here


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