London Experience

So London…what can I say? It was a blast, an expensive, diversified and exciting experience. And expensive, I can say that! I mean, the euro-pound exchange rate is awful, so that I ended up spending almost 400 Euros for everything (flight excluded). But I don’t want to talk money here; I want to talk about the places I’ve seen and the things I ate and all the coffees I drank. One thing about me: If you want lure me with anything, it’s food. And coffee.

So we arrived at about 9 at Liverpool station, but instead of going directly to the hotel (which was on the other side of the city anyway) we were lucky enough to be in close distance to one of the coffee places I had researched beforehand. The café was called Café 1001, a cool venue of industrial chic which is a coffee and breakfast place during the day and a bar and club at night. And who doesn’t love that? I think I discovered my fondness of pastrami at this place. Awoken and sated we dropped off our luggage at the hotel, which was situated right at Hyde Park. The rest of the day we spend walking through Hyde Park, Mayfair (seeing all the big labels is kinda frustrating sometimes, but fun anyway) and Soho. Another interesting place in Soho is The Photographer’sGallery, which is completely free of charge and houses some thrilling photo exhibitions. And please visit FoxCroft & Ginger for a coffee or lunch, the food is mouth-watering! After some rest at the hotel it was time for actual reason we were in London, namely the concert my boyfriend bought tickets for as a Christmas gift. Just three words: It. Was. Awesome! The venue was a beautiful old theatre with three platforms for the audience and a bar in the back; everything was kept in red and gold with small alcoves at the side. But see for yourself here. The concert itself…I think I don’t have adequate words for it, just visit the bands website and listen for yourself (or see down below). I’ve had so much fun, and I actually think I sang along to every single song (thank good nobody can hear me in such a crowd!). That Christmas present is almost impossible to overcome.

IMG_20150405_194908 IMG_20150405_194747 IMG_20150405_194621 IMG_20150405_194454 IMG_20150405_194220 IMG_20150405_194133 IMG_20150405_193937 IMG_20150405_193751

Next day was the day I wanted to try to get into the Alexander McQueen exhibition. As I have written before, he is one of my favourite designers and I just wanted to see this. There was no other option. Problem was: I did not have any chance to book tickets online, but the museum wrote on their website that if you went there at opening time you would maybe have the chance to get a ticket for the day. So we went there, and there was a huge queue outside and I thought it would take hours to even get to the counter. End of story, it took like 15 minutes and I got a ticket for 11 o’clock. And it was worth every of the 9 pounds I paid for it (normally it’s 17, but as a student you get discount). I mean, not only were the garments shown there stunningly beautiful and haunting and menacing at the same time, but they were presented in a way that everything just fit together; the music, the way of presentation…I don’t want to forestall anything here. Just go there and look at it yourself. I would even visit it a second time. After that (again, almost impossible to overcome) we went to Camden Lock, which is of course a typical tourist thing, but the weather was nice and I’ve never been there before, so we ate some fish and chips and enjoyed the stalls selling self-made jewellery and stuff. Then we spent some quiet time relaxing in the sun in Regent’s Park and in the evening enjoyed one or two pints of English beer (not my favourite haha).

IMG_20150405_193624 IMG_20150403_143453 IMG_20150402_163941 IMG_20150402_110306 IMG_20150402_101312 IMG_20150401_231249 IMG_20150401_151206 IMG_20150401_101110

On our last day (Good Friday) we went to Holborn to go see the Hunterian Museum, but beforehand we had coffee at this really nice place on Southampton Row (Freestate Coffee). I liked the vintage school charm, old wooden chairs and desks, locker room coatrack. And the coffee was very good. The museum was closed, so we walked down to the river and to the Embankment stop, because there was one place I wanted to see before we would head back home: Portobello Road Market. I’ve already been there four years ago and was enchanted by everything; the food stalls, the antiques shops, the vintage fashion…everything! So at that time I saw this second hand Barbour jacket (for me this is a must have), but I didn’t have any money left and I swore to myself that when I had the chance to go back to London I would come to that place again and buy that fricking jacket. And I did! Wohoo! I saved about 250 euros and I just love love love this thing. That was like the best ending to a trip that could have happened, topped by a glorious falafel at Falafel King (with free lemonade).

Not much happened after that, we spend the rest of our time at the V&A, then grabbed our things at the hotel and went to the airport. Wonderful three days…


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