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Beaded Tassel Necklace

Actually I don’t do projects to one theme twice, or let me think… yes in fact I did that before. But anyway, working with tassels turned out to be huge fun and so you guys will see another project with these cute embellishments, this time paired with beads. Which reminds me that I definitely have to craft some more with beaded necklaces or bracelets. This project here took some time because I had to work out a scheme for the necklaces beforehand, so everything would fit together in the end.

Then there’s usually a trial time when you actually put together parts of the project to see if they work together and to check if everything looks like you want it to. Then you start making photos, photoshop them, write something…it can take hours, and it can take like 45 minutes. With me it depends on how well I can write that day. But back to this project: It was rather easy after all, because I had a model at hand (a photo I took in one of my favourite boutiques). So this is in fact a copycat necklace which saved me about 25 bucks in the end, and that’s something isn’t it? Let’s go:


  • thread in different colours (for me black, white and grey)
  • invisible thread
  • beads in different colours (for me black, white, transparent and copper)
  • golden chain
  • delicate golden chain
  • 11 smal and 2 large jump rings
  • jewellery clasp
  • crimp beads
  • jewellery pliers



First sketch the rough “work plan” for your necklace; I wanted three different strands. One chain strand with the tassels, one beaded strand in different colours with small chain embellishments, and another beaded strand of one color. Start making tassels again, but this time, make them smaller (I worked with about half the size from my last project). Use different kinds of thread in various colours; I used white, black and two shades of grey (hehe). Then wrap the thread around the piece of carton, switching between the colours in the process (white about 20 times, then dark grey 20 times, black 20 times, light grey 10 times, white 10 times and again black 10 times – that’s how I did it). Finish the tassel like last time and repeat this whole process 10 times, so you have 11 tassels in the end. Apply a jump ring on each tassel.

Beaded-6Take the golden chain and measure the right length for you. Attach the first tassel to the centre of the chain, then start attaching the other 10 on both sides of the one tassel in the centre.

Beaded-3Now for the second necklace: I had some leftovers of small golden chain from another project (lovely summer earrings which will be on the blog soon), but you can take any golden chain you want. With a jewellery wire cutter, cut off pieces of about 1,5 centimetres. I started with 30 pieces, but soon realized that I would need a lot more, in the end I probably used about 60.

Beaded-4Take the invisible thread and start stringing your beads. Again, I used colours like black, white and transparent and stringed them in the order black-white-transparent-black-white-transparent, and then I attached a piece of chain. Repeat this until you have your desired length (mine was about 1cm longer than the tassel strand). In the end, finish the strand by applying a crimp bead after making a loop into your invisible thread. Do that on both sides.

The last necklace: Simply take again your invisible thread and string coppery or golden or silver beads until you have the desired length (this time 1cm shorter than the tassel strand). Finish again with a crimp bead on both sides.

Beaded-5Last and final step: Take a large jump ring and thread all three strands on it on one side, then attach a jewellery clasp. Repeat this on the other side. Done!


And it’s as simple as that. Of course you can make this whole thing a lot more colourful, maybe with a greenish colour scheme or whatever you like, but I really really like black and white and grey. So how do you guys like it? I just love to wear this necklace with any kind of blouse or shirt, it seems to fit to everything. That’s it, hope you are inspired!


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