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Making jewellery can sometimes be awesomely easy, for some projects you can take material you might find in your drawer, at the drugstore or at the hardware store (where I actually found something again last time I went there, so just stay tuned). The point is, you sometimes have to see the simplest things in a different light or context, just like a tea cup can be a vessel for candle wax, or a piece of heavy chain, normally used in a construction context, can be the centrepiece of a necklace (yes, that’s a hint!). So I am motivating you, pay attention to everyday things and try seeing them in a creative way. 

I am telling you this because the main ingredient of this necklace is something ordinary as well – namely bobby pins to pin up your hair. Every girl usually starts with a dozen of them, then gradually looses them every time she goes out and after some time finds them again in weird places (I know that is true!). Guys seem to find them everywhere as well. So shopping bobby pins for this project also meant a fresh package for me as well, definitely a win-win here. Let’s get started:


  • golden bobby pins
  • golden beads
  • jewellery wire
  • golden chain
  • crimp beads
  • jump rings
  • jewellery pliers

Bobby-1Although I bought golden bobby pins they weren’t golden enough for me. Simple solution: Take golden spray paint and paint the pins. Let them dry. Start threading the painted bobby pins and beads on the jewellery wire, alternating one pin and one bead until you have all pins threaded. End with a bead on each side.

Bobby-2To finish the jewellery wire, string a crimp bead on each end, make a loop with the wire and squeeze the bead together. It’s easy with the first one, but a bit trickier with the second for you have to place the loop and the crimp bead close to the golden bead. You now have the heart piece of your necklace.

Bobby-3With a jump ring, connect the centrepiece (through the loop of the jewellery wire) with the golden chain. Measure the length of your chain, then separate the links and attach the other piece of chain (of the same length) to the other side of the centerpiece. Attach a jewellery clasp and a jump ring to the respective ends of the golden chain. Done!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThat’s one of the easiest statement necklaces I have ever crafted, aside from the drying time of the golden paint it took me about 30 minutes to put everything together. It’s an extraordinary piece which fits to every colour and almost every style. I hope you are inspired!


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