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Studded Sneakers

New week, new DIY project! Summer has fully arrived here in the city, with me enjoying the sun from time to time, packed ice cream shops and people showing off their white and hairy legs. Personally I’m actually not ready to do that, so I content myself with rolling up my trouser legs and wearing sandals or sneakers. And as someone tall enough and not trained enough to wear high-heeled shoes all the time, I still enjoy wearing the sneakers I have bought about 5 years ago (and they are still, surprisingly, in a good shape).

The thing is, I am always reluctant to throw or give away some rather expensive things I have bought years ago, so as someone who can actually do something about this problem I look for ways to upcycle these things. Actually the same works with the 50th plain shirt you bought at H&M just to realize at home that you have like 49 others hanging in your closet. My advice is: Don’t change that shirt for another, but rather think of a way to use it creatively. The simplest thing to do is to cut off some old and worn out pair of jeans so have some nice pair of shorts in the summer. You can actually go a step further and dye them, or sew on patterned fabric, or stitch on other embellishments like studs (I think I did something like that some time in the past…). Another idea is for example cutting off certain parts of a shirt, maybe in the back (again, did that before). Long story short: There is a lot you can do with old clothes before you come to the point of giving them away, although it can be for a good cause. Anyway, let’s get back to this project: As I have already written, this nice pair of low-cut chucks has spent some time in my closet. In school I would upcycle them with purple shoelaces, then go back to the original white ones a few years later and then stop wearing them at all. But I did not want to simply throw them away, so in this project here they get a second (or third) chance. Let’s get to it!


  • old pair of sneakers
  • studs in different sizes
  • carpet or crafting knife
  • jewellery pliers

Studded-1Take your old pair of sneakers and remove the shoelaces so you can reach every part of the shoe.

Start attaching the studs; start at the very front of the show with one of the bigger studs. If the fabric is too thick, take a knife as help by first pressing in the stud with its four tips as far as it gets, then taking it out again. Widen the resulting holes with the tip of a carpet knife.

Studded-2Press in the stud again, then look at the inside of the shoe for the four tips of the stud. With a jewellery plier or some other tool, bend the tips inward. Attention at this point! Pay attention to bend the tips as far as it gets so that they won’t ruin your socks or feet when wearing the shoes in the end.

After you applied the first stud, go on with the others. Try to find a way to mix the smaller with the bigger studs, maybe apply the bigger studs first leaving some space for the small ones. Attaching the smaller studs will be a bit more difficult for their tips are ways smaller, but you can help yourself with jewellery pliers by pressing them firmly against the fabric. Repeat the whole process with the second shoe, then reattach the shoelaces.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat an easy way to reuse your old sneakers! Although it takes a bit of time and finger muscles (mine hurt a bit after the second shoe) the result speaks for itself. They really are an eye catcher to a pair of jeans or shorts, or even summer dresses. I’m definitely packing this pair for my vacation! Hope you are inspired!



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