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Time is running as it seems, and this sort of post always reminds me just how fast it is running these days. I mean, you always have a certain timetable for your week (well, I do) and you organize certain things around appointments you have to attend; like university seminars for me and work for most of the people, and the things you seem to always do at the same time. Like sports when you have a gym membership, or, I don’t know weekly meetings with a friend. And all the other things like hobbies you do the rest of the time, if you hopefully have enough of it. As I am the greatest creature of habit, this is actually my life, and it is sometimes difficult to break out of these habits, as healthy as it is. Sorry, I am getting lost again on something else entirely.

So my leisure time has been a bit limited these last weeks, but I sure as hell made sure that I still had enough of it, because that’s just important to me. And of course I came across some beautiful things to look at, to potentially craft or to wear. And to eat! These are my favourites:

1: I’m not yet over the pineapple thing, I don’t know why but this fruit represents pure summer for me. And as a vase? Incredible idea! I just have to do a pineapple project in the future… Here

2: Now that’s something inconvenient and yet brilliant. Who would have thought that boring pebbles could get a makeover this beautiful and serve as little centrepieces? And it seems that this is so easy! Here

3: You know, I could have a thousand apartments and not have outlived all my creative decorating ideas. I guess I have said that a thousand times already, but well…in my previous life I seem to have been an interior designer and this is what I utterly fell in love with! Here

4: Something useful! With products already in your home! Oh I can already smell the mixture of coffee, coconut and vanilla on my smooth skin…it’s almost like a Starbucks beauty product! Here

5: Again something with flowers. And light bulbs. I think I still have some leftover light bulbs somewhere, for you never know how to dispose of them and I am pretty sure this is a better way. Pretty awesome. Here

6: Jewellery ideas are always in here, I seem to just have a thing for it and with so many good ideas out there I definitely need several heads to wear all those potential necklaces I want to craft. Here

7: Ah, finally something to eat. My mouth is watering at the sight of this Nutella Berry Bruschetta, and I am pretty sure yours is, too. The mix of rich chocolate flavour, the sweet and sour juiciness of the berries and the crispness of the bread…I’m in heaven. Here

8: Dying is so 90s! Yes, I wouldn’t run around with a dyed shirt anymore, but these ice-dyed pillows look stunningly beautiful, and surely not 90s. Here


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