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A heat wave has touched the city and everyone is going nuts, either because they have to work in the heat or they don’t know where to go, to the lake, to the next ice cream parlour or hiding in their apartments with their shades down. So the weather is pretty awesome while at the same time it’s so hot that you cannot follow your daily routine. Actually quite interesting. 

Personally I am the kind of person who likes temperatures up to 30 degrees, anything above that gives me headaches and dizziness. That’s actually a problem of the place I live, 30 degrees here in the city is much worse than 30 degrees elsewhere, say, Mallorca or the countryside. Basically anywhere in the radius of 50 kilometres.

But enough of me not being able to handle the heat, because this weather truly asks for short summer dresses, shorts and tops and I love it that you can finally wear those things you’ve been waiting to wear all year. The basic thing everybody knows is that when it’s hot, don’t wear black, wear white! And since white is one of my favourite colours it’s a happy coincidence. The other crucial part of this project is the neon shirt yarn: From my Fashion Wall Art DIY you know that I like neon highlights, as long as it’s just the small part of a piece of clothing, jewellery or furniture. So neon yarn it is here, a perfect contrast to the white of the top! Let’s get to it:


You need:

  • a white top or shirt
  • thick yarn (shirt yarn) in a neon colour
  • large embroidery needle
  • pencil
  • scissors

Neon-1Think of an easy enough design for your shirt or top. Spread out your white top on a smooth surface, or put a pad between the two layers of fabric. Thread the shirt yarn on the extra-large needle to get everything ready.

Neon-2Cut off enough of the yarn for the first part of the cross, about 10 centimetres. Make a knot at the end and carefully start poking a hole into the fabric from behind. The rest of the procedure is like normal embroidering, just be careful not to rip the fabric. On the reverse make another knot, but pay attention to leaving a little more space between the two knots than you normally would  (so there is not so much tension on the fabric). Repeat everything for the other part of the cross.

Neon-3Place the first cross in the middle, right under the cleavage. With a pencil carefully sketch out the other crosses on both of its sides, so everything is symmetrical. Repeat step 2 for the other crosses.

Neon-4The second part is a zigzag line placed parallel to the line of crosses. Again, sketch out the line with a pencil first, then start on one end. Here you need a longer piece of yarn, about three times the length of the zigzag line. On the way there first embroider the upward lines, on the way back the rest. Make a knot at the end.

Neon-5As final element I placed a downward directed triangle under the zigzag line. Sketch it out, start in one corner, make a knot at the end.


So how do you like it? The neon parts are real eye catchers and contribute well to an all over summer look. Of course you can use different colours and different shapes, but I wanted to keep it as simple as possible. Hope you are inspired!


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