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Chunky Chain Necklace

Hey there guys! Semester is finally over and I have a big load of free time ahead, which means I am definitely going to do some more things with the blog. Maybe not just crafting, but actually some redesigning…I am not sure yet. And since my bachelor thesis is also finished (I am actually making a tiny dance in my head from time to time) I seem to have close to no responsibilities for the next few months. If I think about it, it’s been a really long time since I’ve had some real free time…bit scary.

There are of course a few things I still have to do (like working), but I have an internal list of things I always wanted to craft and I think now is the right time to try them. Like, working with concrete or start some bigger interior projects or finally learn how to use my manual SLR camera (I think this thing has been lying around in my room/apartment for three years). And maybe read a bunch of books. Start reading the paper again, which I neglected over the last month due to too much reading and writing for my thesis. Oh, maybe trying all those recipes on my Pinterest pinboard. Play too much video games. I guess you all have that internal list, so you know the drill.

So let’s get to this particular small and easy project: You sometimes come around beautiful things, perhaps on the internet or in boutiques or in magazines. Take a picture and keep it on hand for later! I always do this, that’s about 99% of my inspiration for projects. This one is now exception, for a few months ago I discovered this gem somewhere on the internet and included it in my ‘Things I Love’-list. This list is also a kind of mechanism for me to remember certain things. This one seemed simple enough in terms of the design and at the same time extraordinary. And very easy to craft as it seems:


You need:

  • piece of chunky white chain (you get that at the hardware store)
  • delicate golden chain
  • jewellery clasp
  • big side-cutting pliers
  • jewellery pliers

Chunky-1You’ll need a big pair of side-cutting pliers for this one! Cut the chain until you have three links left. Measure the length of the golden chain, depending on how long you want the overall necklace to be.

Chunky-2Take the small golden chain, wrap one end around a link and attach it to itself. Repeat with the other end of the chain. You now have a closed necklace without a clasp. Ascertain the center of the golden chain by apposing the chunky chain links, and divide the golden chain at the right point.


Attach a jewellery clasp.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI guess that’s one of the fastest projects I have ever made, and the result is nothing to sneeze at. What do you think? I always like a white and gold colour combination (actually, anything with gold) and this fits perfectly to both dark and light fabrics. Hope you are inspired!



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