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Double Layered Necklace

A time of change has arrived for me. I am not only starting my last semester of university in October, but have actually written some applications and I have a new sideline starting September! A strange feeling, since I am the worst creature of habit you can imagine (changing my bedsheets on exactly the 15th every month? That’s me!), but I am both really excited and just a teeny tiny bit sad, since working with such nice girls was fun. But it’s time for something new! 

The good thing is that there are always some thing that will never change, for example me crafting jewellery and being excited about the jewellery supplies I order on the Internet. I actually found a supplier with the most delicate golden chain I have ever seen, and she even sells fitting tiny jump rings! Sounds funny when you’re not into crafting, but I truly love finding such things. So I already put those supplies to good use with this project here, an amazingly easy thing:


  • gemstone splinters (you can buy them as beads)
  • a tiny ring
  • delicate golden chain
  • 2 normal jump rings
  • 8 small jump rings
  • 1 eyepin
  • 1 jewellery clasp
  • jewellery pliers

Double-1Take your eyepin and reduce the size of the eyelet with jewellery pliers. Thread a row of rose coloured gemstone splinters on the eyepin. Now the tricky part: Close the eyepin by making another eyelet at the end of the gemstone row (as close to the last gemstone as possible).

Attach your delicate golden chain to one of the eyelets with a jump ring and measure the length of the necklace around your neck (by holding the chain to the other end of the eyepin). Memorise the spot and cut the chain there. Attach the other end of the necklace to the other end of the eyepin. By taking the chain double, ascertain the centre point and sever the closed chain there. Attach a tiny jump ring on each end of the chain. You now have the first layer of your necklace!



For the second layer: Take the tiny ring (actually meant for a finger), again attach the golden chain with a jump ring. Now place the ring next to the first layer of your necklace and measure one part of your necklace by reference to the length of the first necklace plus about one centimetre more or less (depending on which necklace should be longer). Repeat with the other side and again attach a jump ring on each end.

Double-4Putting it all together: Take one of the larger jump rings and attach the two strands of necklace there. Repeat with the other side and apply a jewellery clasp on one side.


What can I say? I love the combination of rose gemstones and delicate golden chain (I can see myself crafting soo much with this!), and I love the contrast of shapes. As I have said in my previous post, you can attach anything to a golden (or silver) chain and layer them double, triple etc. What do you think? I just hope you are inspired!


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