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My previous week has been such a mess, I cannot even begin to fathom everything because, well, everything seemed to happen all at once – new job (I guess I have told you enough about that), new blog platform and then the thing with my tenement… Observing it right now the whole situation seems almost (almost!) funny. And in a city like Cologne where funny and unfathomable things always seem to happen, this one did not seem so far-fetched and of course the local news threw a party.

So the thing was: There is a construction site right beside my building where unaffordable condos are being build for rich people with kids. With an underground garage. Well, seems like they missed out on underpinning the tenements right beside the construction side when excavating for the garage. The result was firstly a huge crack in the ground of our patio, which secondly became bigger until part of the patio sort of went missing. Looks like it had gone to the adjacent property, and since this meant the whole tenement was in danger we had to move out.

Now, after two days living at my parents’ again I am very happy to be home again, although being spoiled by my mother again felt pretty good for some time. I didn’t have that much time to craft something for the blog, but I surely will make up for that in the week to come. Until then I will finally show you how to craft the Rope Charm Bracelet, which you surely have encountered in my contest. If not, head over and participate to win one!


You need:

  • Cream-coloured satin rope
  • Pearl cotton in three different colours
  • Charms (Two or three)
  • End caps
  • 1 large jump ring
  • 2 small jump rings
  • Jewellery clasp
  • Super glue
  • Jewellery pliers
  • Adhesive tape


Cut the rope carefully into the right size; make it slightly shorter because you will also attach the end caps and the jewellery clasp, which will add additional length to it. With adhesive tape merge the fuzzy ends of the rope; wrap it tightly around one or two times.


With the super glue, attach the end caps to the ends of the rope. It might me a bit close diameter-wise, but just add a little pressure. Let dry. Take one colour of the pearl cotton and with a knot attach it to the rope. I wouldn’t start directly at the end cap but leave a little space.


Start wrapping the pearl cotton around the rope, paying attention to wrapping the strands close to each other (so you won’t see the rope shining through). If you think the wrapped piece is long enough, close with another knot.


Secure the ends with a drop of super glue so they won’t come apart over time. Continue with the second colour, making this part a bit shorter than the first (or longer if you like). The shortest part should be crafted with the third colour.


Add the large jump ring by threading it though two or three strands of the pearl cotton. String the charms and close the jump ring with the jewellery pliers.


Add a small jump ring to one end cap and a jewellery clasp to the other end.


This bracelet is actually pretty easy but really sweet. You have freedom over choosing the colour of the rope, the colours of the pearl cotton and of course the shape of the charms, so I’d say it’s pretty convertible. I gave this one to a friend as a birthday gift, and I think she really liked it. I hope you will like yours as well, either by crafting it yourself or by winning it. Hope you are inspired!


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