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Zeeland’s Rivièra + Contest Winner!

My life is getting more and more chaotic every day, and since I’m here I can apologize to anyone who is reading this and whom I have annoyed over the past week with my bad mood. I’m currently stuck at my brother’s shared flat and, yes guys, I feel like 14 and homesick again. But this is better than nothing (or worse: youth hostel) and I am more than grateful for every help we have gotten. So thanks to my brother and my brother’s roomie for letting us stay in his room while he’s on vacation in Australia and thanks to my dad for keeping a contact to the building authorities. And thanks to my mother for washing my dirty laundry like I was a rich kid. Not having control over what will happen in the next few days, weeks, months (?) is a terrible feeling, but knowing you have family to help you out makes a lot less terrible.

But I’m not here to whine about everything, I actually have something to write about: My short vacation in one of my favourite places on earth, the coast of the Netherlands. Ever since I can remember we would go there once or twice a year, either just for a short vacation on the weekend or for special holidays like Easter. I can remember walking on the beach as a little kid, hunting jellyfish and looking for seashells, or visiting the local pirate’s museum where you can actually pet rays and cat sharks. So this place feels like a second home to me and whenever I’m there the quiet and the sound of the waves makes my pulse relax and I really feel at peace.

IMG_20150915_135253 IMG_20150915_135512 IMG_20150915_135654 IMG_20150915_135900

We usually rent a small place in Zoutelande, which is a lovely little village just behind the sand dunes. Although it’s a touristy place and it feels like you’re still at home when you look at the license plates, it has a lot of charm. Small cafés, souvenir shops and boutiques are scattered all around the area, everything kept in a special maritime style. But the most beautiful thing about this village is its beach, which was popular among Dutch painters for its brilliant colours. Look at the pictures and you’ll see what I mean. From there we usually take tours around the area, and by tours I mean bike tours. You just have to rent a bike or bring your own, otherwise you won’t see anything there and you don’t smell the sea. You’ll actually smell the cows, but that’s a risk you’ll want to take.

IMG_20150915_140029 IMG_20150915_140219

I guess Domburg is one of the most famous towns in Zeeland here in the west of Germany because everybody seems to know it and close to everybody has been there at least once. It surely is bigger than Zoutelande and is a typical seaside town with a stunning bathing pavilion and a long esplanade. It’s a bit more posh with expensive boutiques and cafés where you can meet Heidi Klum’s father if you’re lucky. It’s a bit about seeing and being seen, but you also find nice home interior shops on the boulevard. Not to forget the typical fish shop! The houses are above cute, I think Dutchmen just know how to decorate and style their houses. One is more beautiful than the other.

IMG_20150915_140417 IMG_20150915_140614

One of the last beautiful small villages in Zeeland is the city of Veere, which stands on the Veerse Meer lagoon on a small peninsular. Its name actually means ‘ferry’, which refers to a ferry installed there in 1281. The harbour town has an atmosphere of England in the 1500s, with an impressive gothic church, brick-built terraced houses and small backyard gardens. The centre of the town is surely the marina with its beautiful sailing ships and the adjacent esplanade surrounded by cafés and gabled houses.

IMG_20150915_140800 IMG_20150915_142115 IMG_20150915_142521

I’ve never actually been there in the summer, but Zeeland is surely a place to spend some time on the beach (they have those cute little beach huts as well). I think I will always look forward to going there…

Well, now to the fun part: Sadly only a few people took part in my first contest (guess I have to improve my advertising for the next time), but lucky for the few who did take part! And the winner is (drum roll please):


Congratulations! Have fun with your new bracelet 🙂


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