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Christmas is getting sooo close, and this means for you (and for me) to get the Christmas presents ready! Personally I have shifted from ‘I want this’ to ‘Ready for the feast’ over the last ten years or so. However, it’s always nice to receive a small gift from someone special, especially if it’s a DIY present. For me this means he has not only given me something material but also some of his time and love. That is, the time and love that he has invested in making it, and this is so special to me! Apart from receiving a DIY present of course I’d like to give one to someone as well. Especially since they can be special without being pricey! And because we have just one weekend left I thought I’d collect some beautiful DIY present ideas you can craft in two days tops!

My DIY present guide

Coin Bank for Globetrotters: This is the perfect and easiest DIY gift for everyone who loves to travel and is naturally broke. So it’s beyond perfect for students! Of course you could easily personalize it by changing the topic: Someone loves to eat? A coin bank for gourments!

Spice Blends: Everyone who loves to cook has at least one or two spices at home. In my case it’s at least twenty. This is such a nice way to bring the world into someone else’s kitchen! Be careful: You might want to keep them for yourself!

Bubble Bath: Who doesn’t love a nice bath once in a while, relaxing with a book and a good glass of wine? You can now make this happen for someone you love, just with a few simple ingredients!

Coconut Coffee Body Scrub: Winter tends to dry out our skin, and the best way to keep it smooth is to remove dead skin cells. This body scrub not only does that but wakes you and your skin up with its heavenly coffee smell!

Animal Ring Dishes: Girls tend to have one or two too many necklaces and rings lying around. This adorable ring dish could help your bestie sort them out!

Speckled Clay Keychains: This is a super easy tutorial for crafting a dainty little keychain everyone receiving it will love. And you can easily personalize it with a message!

Hot Chocolate on a Stick: I know you love chocolate, you know you love chocolate. Especially in a cup! Spice things up a little with this super easy DIY present tutorial and thank me later.

Ombre Painted Wooden Spoons: As a person who loves to cook it’s so nice to have extraordinary and colourful kitchenware! Wouldn’t this be a perfect gift for you mum as well?

Marble Coasters: I am so in love with marbling at the moment, I could marble anything! I especially love these coasters for their bright colour swirls and golden edge, they look so cool!

Homemade Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut Truffles: When in doubt, gift a box of chocolates. And if you want to make it personal, make the chocolates yourself! I love Ferrero Rocher, so this would definitely be a DIY present for me!

Copper Candle: This is for the home designers who are as obsessed with copper as me! This is such a wonderful DIY present for everyone who likes stylish details when it comes to home decoration.

Silhouette Challenge Kitchen Towels: Although the DIY uses a special program for this you can easily use a writing program! There are a few simple tutorials out there explaining how to mirror the letters.

Chalkboard Mug: This DIY present is perfect for coffee and tea lovers alike. And it gives them the opportunity to personalize the gift themselves! I love the idea!

Sushi Mat Brush Organizer: This again is a wonderful DIY present for everyone who loves or has to travel. And you won’t believe how easy this is!

Give Me Diamonds: Last but not least one for the jewellery lovers out there (like me). These necklaces look really special since they’re made out of cork!

And for everyone looking for a Christmas present but not talented in crafting, see last year’s guides ‘Last Minute Presents’:

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  • Reply
    15th December 2016 at 1:59 pm

    I love the wooden spoons! So simple, yet would spice up any kitchen!!
    Great gift ideas!!

    • Michelle
      15th December 2016 at 2:10 pm

      Your right! I would love to have a few!

  • Reply
    15th December 2016 at 3:25 pm

    I was looking at the wooden spoons too! Guess it is the easiest thing to do! My mom will be happy!

    • Michelle
      15th December 2016 at 3:32 pm

      Wonderful, glad I could help you!

  • Reply
    adriana barar
    15th December 2016 at 3:57 pm

    I would buy all of them for myself! So cool and they would never get out of style.

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