Travel | Guest Post: How To Enjoy Your Australian East Coast Journey In A Campervan

This is a guest post by the talented Ruby Daub! Let’s see what she has to say: The real spirit of an Aussie lies in exploring the country at its best. Australia gives you an incredible experience of its best sites, cities, beaches, dunes, and nature if you are an adventurous traveller. The best places to travel and have an amazing OZ experience is to take a drive around the East Coast of Australia. If you are a real traveller, and if you want to have an adventure along with comfort, then take this trip in a campervan. It is better to avoid summer road trips in Australia during peak seasons.

Campervan road trips in Australia are quite popular, and they give the best experience of travel journeys, and you can make the lifelong cherishing memories on these road trips. There are quite lots of places to travel by your campervan when you travel the East Coast of Australia and here we will be providing some tips on the same.


A motorhome is the best thing to take when you are on a road trip to Australia. The Aussies call it a campervan and this is the best way to take a road trip around Australia as it not only gives you the advantage of driving at your ease, but it also gives you the comfort of having things at your convenience. Moreover, it gives you freedom regarding overnights stays and bathroom needs and food.

If are the solo traveller and don’t wish to drive, then there are lots of good options of bus tours which will give you the freedom of resting at peace while travelling.


The whole distance around Australia covers a distance of 26000km, and this is why people avoid travelling the country as a whole and limit their travelling to the east coast. The east coast of Australia covers a distance of 4000km from the Great Ocean Road near Melbourne to Cairns, and it is the best starting point to explore the Great Barrier Reef.

You need to spend at least a month of time to explore the entire east coast as it provides you with a lot of stuff to enjoy at every destination you stop. It is important that you give yourself a rest of 3-4 days after every ten days of travel. It is the best way to experience yourself completely engrossed in the destination by renting a place and giving your campervan some rest. This will rejuvenate you with a new energy to travel.


Destination 1- Wilsons Promontory National Park and The Great Ocean Road

The distance covered is around 500km, and you need to spend around seven days for your journey. It will take about two and half hours from Melbourne to reach Wilsons Prom. The highlights of this place are wildlife, especially kangaroos, wallabies and wombats. Travel back to Melbourne and head to the south-west to Torquay which is the official start to the Great Ocean Road which is about 250km along the southern coast of Victoria.

Destination 2- Melbourne to Sydney

The journey from Melbourne to Sydney is around 1100km, and you need to spend around four days on exploring the destination. While driving to Sydney, you can explore some beautiful places such as Hyams Beach, Honeymoon Bay, Cave Beach, The Royal National Park, Wattmolla Beach and more. It is advisable that you travel these destinations when the tide is low for safety purpose.

Destination 3- Relax yourself at Sydney

You can take 5-days break at Sydney and completely relax by taking a coastal walk from Bondi to Coogee and spend an entire day at Manly Beach. You can have a beautiful view of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.

Destination 4- Take a drive from Sydney to Gold Coast

The drive to Gold Coast from Sydney covers a distance of 800km, and it is about five days journey. This Coast is also known as the Legendary Pacific Coast. The places to explore on this route are Port Macquarie (about 380km from Sydney), Belwood Park in Nambucca Heads, Nambucca River, and 9km Coastal Walk from Town Beach to Tacking Point Lighthouse.

Destination 5- Gold Coast, Brisbane & Moreton Island

This is a drive of 8km and about six days. The Gold Coast offers you all including beaches, waterfalls, hikes, and mountains. The places around to explore are Springbrook National Park, The Killarney Glen Falls, Moreton Island, Drive to Brisbane (80km from the Gold Coast), and Tangalooma Wrecks.

Destination 6- a drive to Sunshine Coast, Fraser Island, & Town of 1770 

This road trip will cover a distance of 600km, and you have to spend around six days to explore these destinations. The places to explore on this route include Noosa Heads, The Coastal Walk to Alexandria Bay, Picnic Cove, and Rainbow Beach.

Destination 7- Town of 1770 and Lady Musgrave Island

This drive takes you 250 km north of Hervey Bay to the town of Seventeen Seventy. This place gives you amazing snorkelling experiences.

Destination 8- Seventeen Seventy to Airlie Beach

It is a travel journey of one day around 700km, and there isn’t much to see along this route. This drive will take around 9 hours of travel.

Destination 9- Airlie Beach and Whitsunday Islands

This route will take you four days of travel. The best place to explore on this track is Whitehaven Beach.

Take yourself on the adventurous road trips to the East Coast of Australia by your campervan and free yourself from the everyday worries of work and home. But, make sure that your vehicle is well-serviced and have a stock of spare tyres before you start your journey.

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    God this sounds like absolute perfection. I adore roadtrips and being able to not even have to worry about accommodation sounds like a dream.

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      It really does, doesn’t it? Someday I want to do a road trip with a camper van myself!

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