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Fashion Love | Milan Fashion Week 2017

I have written at least a hundred times in my blogger career that I’m utterly in love with fashion. I know I am repeating myself! But since Fashion Week frenzy has started once again I seem to fall in love all over again. I just don’t know what it is, but I just really like looking at people wearing clothes. Other people love to look at cars. Or at naked bodies (okay, now I’m going too far haha).

Since art was always very interesting to me, this interest sort of transformed into a love for moving art. Which is haute couture to a great extent, at least for me. And which can even be the ready-to-wear collections thrown at us several times a year. It’s so fascinating to see the expression of someone’s mind-work, his statement and his view of beauty on the runway. Fashion can be political! Or it can just be beautiful and totally pointless. You see, I could never stop talking about fashion.

Milan Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week belongs to the “Big Four” of fashion world besides New York, Paris and London. While London Fashion Week distinguishes itself by being rather eccentric it’s also known for especially promoting young designers and newcomers. Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood are popular for their provocative designs. And did you know that the first Fashion Week was held 1943 in New York? To be honest: I always thought Paris was first. In New York they concentrate more on street style and setting trends, wearability is key here! And Milan? Italian fashion always strikes me as very feminine, almost floral, and definitely sexy. While Paris is more androgynous, Milan usually goes all the way regarding showing skin and being a woman. Although I can be wrong! It’s just my impression. And it can definitely be ironic – just look at Moschino’s latest designs.

So at times I like to scroll through all those endless pages of pictures and try to find my favourites. It’s always so hard to limit it down, but these are my three favourite collections:


Although autumn can be so cruelly grey and cold, this collection doesn’t seem cold and boring at all! I love how they play with different shades of grey and black, and embellish the greyness with sparkling applications. Then there’s also a pop of colour here and there…perfect!

Pictures: 1/2/3/4/5

Francesco Scognamiglio

This is the exact opposite to Fay – bright, bold and daring. Love the fur details, paired with the sheer fabric and some rocking studs it looks amazing! Again, sparkling embellishments and patches complete almost every look.

Pictures: 1/2/3/4/5

Les Copains

This is actually my secret favourite! I love the shades they used, from muddy brown to dark grey to bright orange. Fur and embellishments are seen here as well, gotta keep that in mind for autumn! And have you seen this parka?!

Photos: 1/2/3/4/5

What do you guys think?

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