Tips | Spring Cleaning: 3 Steps to Get your Home & Head Ready for Spring

Guys, spring is coming! One of my favourite seasons (apart from autumn) finally shows its first signs around the park, and I couldn’t be more excited. Time to leave the scarf at home! Sunshine! But spring usually means for some people (other people might call them old-fashioned) to start cleaning their homes. Why now? It may be due to the fact that in dark winter days you cannot easily detect every speck of dust. Or, with a more esoteric approach: Spring cleaning gets rid of the past year’s energies and make room for new ones. Doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

1) Throw out old things

As spring is all about new beginnings, it’s vital for us to first lay the ground for a fresh start. Nature handles this in form of degradation, but we have to get crafty for this! One of my favourite philosophies out there is the fact that when you declutter your home, you declutter your brain. Remember when I told you I spent the day just cleaning my kitchen? It’s so refreshing!

So at the beginning of the year and the start of spring it’s necessary to throw out some baggage. Things you’ve kept for way too long, to make room for new things and for new thoughts. How about sorting out that shirt you just wore once, or that really old pair of shoes you’ve kept for ages? Of course this is not limited to clothes, you can just as easily pick out and give away some old books. I often see boxes full of books in house entrances, free for everyone to grab and read.

So when you decide to spend some time sorting out old things, this process might even make you feel better. I promise! And it is so much fun to dig into old postcards, photos, or maybe even letters you discover when tidying up. Here are some fun tips for clearing up your space:


I do have to read that book by the way…

2) Organization is everything!

They say that the genius can master chaos, and I have always hated that saying. Although order and tidiness is not inherent, we had to learn it over time to not lose control. Of course some people love chaos, but I have always felt that after cleaning up a space my head was free as well to work and think creatively. This takes spring cleaning a step further: When everything old and withered is gone, get some new things to avoid a future chaos. There are so many ways to organize probably anything in your life. Plus, there are so many cool things that organize your stuff! So here are a few points to structure yourself, and my favourite products to organize at the moment:

  1. Create a goal list
  2. Craft a peg board for your work/craft-space
  3. Print out and hang up a calendar
  4. Use washi tape for specific events in your calendar
  5. Get some mason jars for your oatmeal, flour, rice…
  6. Create bullet journals (maybe these)
  7. Use boxes for the things in your fridge
  8. Get a cool looking stationary set, or make it yourself

1 Clear Glass Jewelry Box | 2 Killstar Story Time Journal | 3 Grier Vanity Organizer Brush Holder | 4 sugar paper Classic Desk Calendar | 5 Acrylic Marble and Gold Stapler | 6 kate spade new york Gold Stripe Pencil Pouch | 7 Pink Metallic Large Basket

I could probably go on with this list for ages, but I’m always concerned I might come across as weird. But let me just say this: Don’t let this organization stuff be limited to spring cleaning! Once you have sorted out everything, life will be easier from that point on, trust me. Besides your head is free to focus on important things and isn’t distracted by that metaphorical pile of undefined chaos in the corner. Unless! Unless you just like it that way. But then this whole post would be nonsense for you haha.

3) Bring some nature and air into your space

This is actually my favourite part of this spring cleaning (or spring in general). This season is just perfect for every kind of flower and plant, because everything grows, blooms and smells wonderful. Sorry allergy sufferers! This season must be hell for some people, and I really feel with you. So why get flowers and plants into your home? I always feel that in spring you can really enjoy the wonder of nature. Where there was nothing just a few weeks ago, tiny blossoms begin to grow. I know this sound so cheesy, but isn’t this a wonderful metaphor?

So I always feel that when you bring a part of nature into your home it gets much more homely immediately. Just imagine your four walls without a single plant. Boom, you have a bachelor cave! But seriously, the reason people bring plants and flowers into their homes is because they want to bring life into it. Colour. And, well, oxygen. This is why I want to extend this spring cleaning to a botanical element. Get some flowers! Breed a bunch of succulents! There are so many creative ways to turn your apartment green (and blue, and red…):

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  • Avatar
    Angelina Stroumpouli
    27th March 2017 at 11:31 pm

    I love these tips and photographs!

    I am always about getting rid of the stuff I don’t love anymore!
    Treating your place fresh and tidy is so important!

    Lots of love,

    • Michelle
      28th March 2017 at 8:32 am

      So glad you like it, I often feel like the only one who loves to clean!

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