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Inspiration | Comfy Clothes Because You Just Can’t Today… But You Still Have to Leave the House

This is a guest post by Jane Jenkins! Let’s see what she has to say: We’ve all been there. You wake up, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and by all visible accounts it’s going to be a beautiful day. Good, right? Wrong. Because today, the last thing you want to do is get out of bed – let alone shower and (gasp) put on actual-going-out-in-public clothes. We feel you (it’s the worst) and we’re here to help. Check out our suggestions for comfy clothes to wear on those days you just can’t…but have to.

Weekend Wedding

You totally had your weekend all planned (sweatpants, Netflix and chardonnay to start) and then it happened. On Thursday night your phone pinged with that handy reminder you set about your mother’s cousin’s wedding you were guilted into attending. Sure, it’ll be fun (probably) but it’s really like the last thing you wanted to do this weekend.

Have no fear, this wedding-perfect orange sundress is here. With this little number in your closet you’ll barely have to lift a finger to go from chill vibes to smokin’ hot in moments flat. Just toss your hair up in a messy bun and smack on some lip gloss for a stunning look that will have the groomsmen begging for your number.

Casual Friday

Why, oh why, must we still work on Fridays?! It is 2017 after all. Until our society agrees to embrace the wonder that is the 3-day-weekend, the best we’re going to get are Casual Fridays. So, chin up, buttercup, we have the perfect Friday-at-the-office-ensemble to get you through that gruesome last work day of the week.

Ditch the blacks and grays of your Monday-Thursday business attire, and instead review the bottom line of style with a classy floral print sundress. Easy to pair with a cute blazer and heels, a modern floral print dress will gladly accompany you from the office to that nearby happy hour your coworkers have been talking about all week. Now that’s a dress that can work overtime.

Blind Date

Ok, you may have said yes, but we know it wasn’t your fault. You were feeling a little lonely, maybe even a bit vulnerable after watching the newest Bridget Jones (yes, the one with McDreamy in it) and you finally broke down and agreed to let your friends set you up on a blind date. It’s done and there’s no going back.

The good news is they did the legwork for you and now all you have to do is show up and let Mr. (hopefully) Wonderful sweep you off your feet. We know that’s easier said than done but you’re not the kind of lady who’s going to leave a fella hanging. So buck up, girl, it’s time to get your date face on.

When planning your perfect outfit consider something fun, flirty and stylish like this gorgeous feminine navy blue dress. With the right shoes and statement jewelry it’s definitely fancy enough to wear to a nice dinner but can easily be dressed down for a more casual daytime date.

If your rendezvous is centered around an outdoorsy activity (mini golf is totes so original) then go for a casual, cute look with your favorite skinny jeans and racer back tank top. Whatever you go with, remember to rock that goddess-worthy confidence and he won’t believe his eyes at the beauty standing before him.

Hitting the Gym

It was around the third or fourth time you hit the snooze button this morning that you remembered you have a free trial at the gym that’s about to expire. You could stay in bed and try to ignore that inner monologue of guilt every time you look at sugar today or you can just get up and go (and then have that donut later, sans guilt).

It’s a tough call no doubt, but hopefully some comfy boutique activewear can make your tough decision a little easier. Rack up those miles on the treadmill with some stylish knit sneakers and take in a yoga class with your sassy statement t-shirt and oh-so-flexible fun print leggings and you’ll have every yogi in the place ohm-ing your name.

Adulting Is H-a-r-d

Adulting can be the worst, especially on those days you want to do anything but. No need to pitch a fit because you have to get your car serviced (no, you do not need that air filter they keep trying to sell you) or stock up on kale at the grocery store (those green smoothies aren’t going to make themselves). Instead, girl up and slip into your favorite cute and breezy activewear dress (as in easy breezy cause you’re that good) and consider that to-do list as good as handled.

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