Travel | 10 Days in France, Part II: The South of Brittany

Hullo there! I’m back again with more stories about my fantastic road trip through the west of France, more precisely Brittany. You see, Brittany seems to be so large that a drive from the north of Brittany to its south lets the temperature rise for about 10 degrees (Celsius). Not kidding! From the beginning: We started early Monday morning, and note that I wore long blue jeans, a t-shirt and a jacket. It was a bit misty, but as usual the air was clear and salty.

Off we went, and after some time driving south we could see on the dashboard that the temperature would slowly rise, degree by degree. I really got excited to finally feel some summer! When we arrived in Vannes, our first destination, I was more than happy to ditch the jacket. And I would have exchanged my blue jeans if I could.

The old town of Vannes

Part II: Brittany, Carnac

About the south of Brittany: Yes, it is definitely hotter down here, more Mediterranean (although we’re still at the Atlantic Ocean) and a bit more touristy. Expect long beaches, beach bars and sunbathing people, quite a change to the north. Carnac and the south of Brittany was such a contrast for us, we really needed to sit down for a moment and just enjoy the sun before throwing ourselves back into adventure. As I have written before, we started our time in the south in Vannes because our accommodation wasn’t ready yet. We spend some time there and then headed further south to visit the town of Carnac and have a nice lunch at the beach. What a feeling of vacation!


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Where to stay

This is my favourite part of this post, because I can share with you the most beautiful accommodation we found! We stayed about ten minutes from the old town of Carnac, at a place called Chez Sophie et Tony. I was a bit reluctant at first, because it was rather far off the beaten track, but it was definitely the right choice to book this place.

Now, imagine a typical French film: Beautiful nature, small houses spread over the countryside. Then a house built out of natural stone appears, there are flowers everywhere… The back yard has a cosy wooden patio, there’s a pool and even more plants and flowers…Then the interior, a mixture of Mediterranean and oriental style, brought to perfection! To be honest, I didn’t really want to leave. Because the owners, Sophie and Tony, were the nicest hosts! They offered fresh breakfast every morning, and we always had such a chitchat every day. But imagine: Them almost exclusively speaking French and me struggling with my few broken words of school French. It was a hilarious mixture of French, German and English in the end, but we got along nicely! Such a beautiful and romantic place, just perfect for couples.

A secret garden in Quimper

Where to eat

This part of the holiday we mostly relied on the variations the French supermarket had to offer us: Cheese, wine, olives, fine bread…you name it! Eating out every evening is quite an expensive matter, so this was a nice change. Besides, the quality of the food did not recede! We did however have a wonderful lunch in form of a galette in Quimper, and one evening I tried a tasty tartar at L’Estaminet while my boyfriend had the best spareribs!

St-Corentin in Quimper

What to do

Vannes: Definitely my favourite city in the south of Brittany, so lively and colourful! I just loved the little shops and boutiques here, the marina, the small alleys… Funny thing was, you could really see who lived in the city and who was a tourist by the look of their clothes! French people just know how to dress…

Concarneau: Concarneau is a very maritime little city, with a huge marina and harbour. Take a stroll along the battlement, or visit the museum of fishery! Furthermore, from Concarneau you can book a ferry to the beautiful islands of Glénan.

Quimper: Quimper is one of the larger cities in the south of Brittany, and really worth a visit. It has a venerable old town with lots of interesting shops and cafés, and is situated at the river Odet. You can do a bunch of thing: Take a stroll along the river, see the gothic cathedral St-Corentin, or visit the Museum of Fine Arts!

Pont-Aven: This is sweetest little town I have seen yet, it could really be from a book. Imagine tiny little houses, narrow streets, a small stream and the air of a fantasy novel. Absolute magic, although for such a small town it can really be crowded! We did not find a parking space…

I hope I haven’t tired you out yet, because I still want to show you the beautiful Loire region!

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      Yes you’re right, it’s so lovely! So glad I could bring a bit of France to you!

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