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Inspiration | A Girl Can Dream: How I Style a Dressing Room

I have always felt that having your own apartment and being able to style it was pure luxury for me. But then again, I love to furnish a room and I am constantly hunting for new inspiration and new accessories. I have quite the spacious home, but naturally I still dream of a little more space for all those conveniences there are. Top of my list? Of course, a dressing room! Remember that Sex and the City film where Carrie and Big want to rent their first apartment together? I don’t remember much of the actual film, but I do remember the dressing room! And although I try to reduce the sheer mass of clothes in my home, a dressing room is always a nice way to display your treasures and make getting ready in the morning so much easier. Do you agree?

However, reality always hits us hard in those matters. Because unless I’m winning the lottery, a dressing room will always be a dream for me. No need to be depressed! It’s waaay cheaper to just virtually furnish your dream dressing room and hunt for inspiration. Plus, you don’t need to buy all those clothes to fill it! I came across Arhaus and it inspired me to write about my dream dressing room. With that being said, I didn’t need to think twice, because I could splurge all I want!

Walls, Floors and Colour Palette


You’d imagine a walk-in closet being a sun-drenched room with big windows and lots of light, right? Well, not with me. I want it dark and mysterious, and I want it to set a statement! First of all, I want to set the mood for the room, and I think you can do this wonderfully by using a patterned wallpaper. I’m clearly in love with this dark palm leaf wallpaper, although the ornate one is absolutely gorgeous as well. Really makes me want to renovate my bedroom again! The overall colour palette should include a dark green and brown, with the yellow as eye-catcher. But I’ll come to that later. The floors could be held in a really dark chocolate brown, this way the room doesn’t seem so cold. Also I want wooden floors for I’m not a big fan of carpet, and this way I can use a smaller rug instead.

Clothing Organisation and Furniture


Now let’s get down to business! A dressing room wouldn’t be one without some storage for your clothes, accessories and jewellery. Did I write some? I mean lots and lots of space, perfectly organised and neat. Imagine walking in and having every piece of clothing perfectly displayed, ready to be chosen and put on. Of course you’ll need cupboards for that, drawers and boxes from bottom to top. Like the floor I want the cabinets to be just as dark brown, but they shouldn’t cover all of the walls. Think of that beautiful wallpaper that would otherwise be covered! A glass door as an entrance would be cool, then a large window at the far end if possible. And underneath the window: A large yellow (almost mustard-coloured) couch for me or my friends. Thinking of friends, a bar cart would be nice in here as well…

Light and Accessories


Normally I’m a huge fan of accessories in my home. Just ask my boyfriend, he’ll confirm that (and roll his eyes). It’s even gotten so far that I rather shop for my home than for my wardrobe, but that’s another story. Aaaaanyway, in my dream dressing room I want to keep things as simple as possible. Mostly because the wallpaper and the couch are such eye-catchers; multiple vases and such knickknack would just ruin the picture. However, my walk-in closet still lacks something, and that is proper lighting. And I suddenly realise that I’m truly addicted to lamps. Not that I buy them en masse, I just love to look at them and set a statement with them. I found about a ton of marvelous hanging lights at Arhaus and wanted to have them all! But for my special room I decided to choose a mid-century chandelier, which is not too garish and just the right amount of cool. Then of course I need at least one mirror, and one of those fluffy sheepskin rugs for the floor. That’s it!

So how does your dream walk-in closet look like? If you’re lucky enough to have room and money for one, kudos! Because you can check out Arhaus’ wide range of quality furniture, accessories and inspiration (I could really spend some money there). And even if you don’t have room or money, window shopping and getting inspired is always fun!

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    26th September 2017 at 10:57 am

    Lovely ideas! I love to have a lot of space and to be organized!

    • Michelle
      26th September 2017 at 12:27 pm

      Yes you’re right! Glad you like it

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