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Inspiration | Let’s Go to the Beach: Hamptons Style

Hey guys, you know how much I love to decorate, don’t you? I guess if I had enough money I would redecorate my home every two months or so, or work as an interior designer. So when my brother told me he and his girlfriend would turn his flat share into a home for them, I was pretty thrilled. Not that I would be the one decorating and renovating, but I could definitely support the process (if they want me to). That’s why I just couldn’t help it and make this post as soon as my brother told me they wanted a Hamptons style living room. That was my cue to start investigating the key pieces to that sort of interior style. So let’s go! 

Colours, Fabrics and Materials

Imagine walking into a house on the beach, waves crashing, seagulls crying in a distance…Usually such a place is a place of tranquillity, and although I’ve never been to the Hamptons, I imagine you can definitely relax there. This is why the interior of a Hamptons house should reflect that tranquillity and a blurring of outside and inside. So get that nature into your home! Draw from the colours of nature: Neutrals, sandy tones, bleached timber and shades of blue are always a good choice. Especially the blue can vary from aqua to navy. And, if you want a touch of colour, try a coral or teal eye catcher.

Simplicity is key here, so try and keep the colour palette as plain as possible. Ideally you use a fresh touch of white or sand on the walls and contrast it with a dark wooden floor. This might sound a bit of a dramatic contrast, but if you keep everything else in the same palette, it will fit perfectly! Then a few blue spots here and there, and you’ve got your beach look. For a bit of texture in your Hamptons home you can also try wall cladding!

As to fabrics and other materials, keep it as natural as possible. For example, work with sisal rugs and linen upholstery. Use wicker, cane and rattan for your furniture, but remember: Less is more!


Sofas and Furniture

Hamptons sofas and furniture are rather classic in their style, so keep away from leather or modular sofas. Furthermore, create a generous lounging place (a two seater is waaay to small!), upholstered in natural shades and fabrics and plenty of pillows. Plus, some chairs in a contrasting style and fabric make things interesting! Cane or wicker furniture bring the beach feeling inside your home. Or you go for the distressed timber look in limed oak, washed grey or milk paint. Again, use neutral tones to match your walls and other accessories!


The topic of getting the right Hamptons lighting wasn’t that easy for me. First of all it’s nautical of course, so there’s sort of a industrial theme to it. But then again there can be lots of drift wood and natural materials to contrast that, like shells for example. So it’s always good to go for an eye catcher over the dining table in form of a chandelier (not a classic one, we don’t want to mix here). Additionally, table lamps seem to be found in any Hamptons style living room, sometimes in a more neutral tone, sometimes in a blue and white floral pattern. Here’s a selection of what I thought would be fitting Hamptons style lamps:




Accessories! For me reason for calling a place to live your home, because they can reflect your personality, your mood and your style. What would an apartment be without pictures, plants and books? But that’s just my opinion. A Hamptons home reflects the connection to nature through its accessories. Then again those accessories should make it a cosy place. So layer your room with cushions, throws, baskets, hurricane lamps and wall art to reflect that coastal or nautical theme. For example, sea shells are always a wonderful way to bring the beach into your home in a subtle way. Or driftwood! Here are some examples:


And because I know how hard it can be to furnish your home while being on a budget, I thought I’d stop by Ikea. Let’s see what they have to offer for our Hamptons home:

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12

So what do you think? Do you like this kind of interior style?

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