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Inspiration | 7 Projects I Want to Try This Winter

Although it’s still autumn on my calendar, it really feels like winter down here. Okay, by “down here” I mean central Europe, and by “winter” I mean 6 degrees. For US people: That’s about 42 degrees F, and depending on where you live reaaaally cold or almost summer. For me it’s way too cold and not autumnal at all. Anyway, I’m not here to complain about the weather! I’m here to raise some anticipation in you (and me) for another beautiful winter and Christmas season. Where the weather may be shitty, but we got mulled wine and chocolate and books and tea and…so much more! See, not so bad at all, right?

Winter normally means that you stay in more (if you can) and therefore have some extra time to entertain your senses. For me that means crafting and cooking! And this is really what makes me long forward to the days when I cannot get outside because of heavy rain or snow. Do you feel the same? So I thought about the things I wanted to try this winter, and I thought I’d share them with you. Because well, maybe you still need some inspiration!

1. Let’s All Make Candles!

Of course it’s getting darker in winter, and to dispel the bad mood and ring in the cuddle time candles are essential. Normally I’d recommend one of my votive DIYs (like this one and this one), but I want to go further this year. I really want to learn how to make good jar candles, especially scented ones. There are so many ways to make some really cool candles, but aside my Tea Cup Candle, I haven’t really mastered it. Besides, there are so many supplies, and I think the most difficult part are the essential oils. Somebody got some good sources for them?

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2. The Art of Chai

Don’t you love a hot beverage when it’s freezing or raining outside? For me it’s the perfect way to relax when winter draws closer! However, I don’t talk about coffee here, or hot chocolate. Although a cup of Hot Chocolate with Red Wine will really warm you up from the inside! This time I want to look closer at tea-making. Normally I enjoy a cup of rosehip tea (yeah, I grew up with that) because I just haven’t found the right one yet. A chai latte is a whole different matter, and I really don’t think about tea when I drink one. It’s a spice-experience. So, to make a few cups this winter, I want to try making a concentrate.

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3. Let’s Get Concrete

Crafting with concrete is one of the trends I still haven’t tried yet, and it still quite haunts me. You see so many amazing DIYs on the net! However, what has kept me from trying it is probably the possibility of mistakes and the many steps of preparation. Guess I’m a chicken. This winter will bring change, because I already bought some crafting cement and have a plan in mind! Maybe that’s the start of many concrete DIYs, who knows? So stay tuned for a Christmas themed concrete DIY.

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4. Go Nutty with Wedges

I guess every non-German wonders what nut wedges are, but here in Germany they’re quite a legend. Nut wedges are pastries with a shortcrust base, a layer of jam and a layer of roasted nuts, cut into wedges. Needless to say they taste like heaven, and they belong to Christmas time like pine needle scent and cinnamon. That is why I am going to bake them, and I will bake so much more this winter that I probably need a second body. Or cookie pants. And now that I have my KitchenAid my family and friends (and my colleagues and my boyfriend’s colleagues) are naturally already looking forward to this. Boy, this is going to be great!

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5. Make Some Pretty Pasta

This one definitely has got something to do with my new KitchenAid. You see, when you buy one, all it can basically do is stir and mix. Which is pretty much for a start, but I want to do more! The extensions are what makes this device so interesting to me, especially the pasta maker. Of course, I could have just used a rolling pin and just have a go at pasta making, and you’re probably right. But this winter I really want to do it, I want to make cappelletti, ravioli, tortellini…everything! I’m already pretty good at making the sauces, but providing the pasta as well would be a really cool step further. Don’t you think?

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6. Sangria in Winter?

Sangria for me is the essence of a good summer, walks on the beach and good Mediterranean food. Which is why I’m rather interested how they can transform this feeling into a whole different season. I mean, we already have mulled wine here in central Europe, which you can buy in bottles or can make it yourself. First you mix white or red wine with all kinds of spices and citrus fruits and then you heat it up. It’s heaven! The Christmas or winter sangria is usually drunk cold, so it is a different experience, although the spices may be the same. I’m curious!

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7. Personalized Christmas Wrapping

Let me tell you a secret: As good as I am in making presents, as bad I am in wrapping them. It’s like a curse! I seem to really have no passion for it, maybe because I know that the person receiving the gift will just tear apart the wrapping and forget about it. However, there are so many amazing and creative ways to wrap gifts, maybe I just haven’t perceived it as an art form. Or I just lack skill. Anyway, this year I want to do things right, and I want to get creative. Maybe with stamped wrapping paper! I am not a big fan of the traditional Christmas wrapping you can buy, but simple brown paper is more my style. What do you think?

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What are your creative plans for this winter?

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    29th November 2017 at 5:00 pm

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    Hena Tayeb
    9th December 2017 at 12:37 am

    The concrete project look so cool.. but don’t think I’m ready for it.
    I’m digging the DIY wrapping paper.
    I am hoping to make snow globes with the boys this year.

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