Bee’s Business | Episode One: Getting Started

Hey guys, today I want to introduce you to a new category revolving around…well, bees. Bees? Yes, you read that right! I don’t know of you got that vital piece of information from one of my previous posts (maybe it was one I had to delete haha). Because I am currently aspiring to become a beekeeper and extend my (rather long) list of hobbies.

It’s a Bee’s Business

To be honest, the thought of taking up beekeeping wasn’t so much of taking up a new hobby per se, but rather a thought of contributing my share to preserving nature. I do think a lot about nature, although you might not read that in my posts. First of all, I would love to produce less waste, then only shop local produce, eat meat from happy animals and wear organic fashion. And I do know of myself that I am an idealist, and that people believe what they want to believe. I could do all of those things, go to supermarkets selling unpackaged food, stop eating meat, only wear organic fashion brands. Yet people are not perfect, and I am not perfect, and it’s rather difficult to shed societal upbringing. Consume more! Think less! That’s what I read and hear and that’s what I am trying to shut out.

Actually, this post shouldn’t be about my inner war against mindless consumerism. However, I wanted you to read why I want to give something back to the world. Make things a teeny tiny bit better when in some points I seem to make it worse with my behaviour. So, I have read about the dying of bees ages ago, and last year I finally made up my mind to contribute my part and to something about that. I was finally living in a larger space, and I had access to a small garden, which were perfect starting conditions.

This is why I invested some money in a beekeeping course, my first step to learning everything about this bee’s business. Furthermore I contacted the homeowner about the use of the shared garden, and even went to every tenant to ask about their permission. What a task for an introverted person! But I did it, and with this I have laid the foundation for my bee saving mission.

It’s Getting Serious!

Well, that was last year, so let’s get back to the present. I don’t know if you know, but I am blessed (insert sarcasm here) with a severe allergy against all those animals you want to keep as a pet. Although I do know that my heart for animals sometimes gets the better of me, so at the end of 2016 we adopted two cats. Well, we got to keep them for 10 days…long story short: As my bees should be sort of pets for me, I should damn well get myself tested. Not so much for their hair but rather for their sting. And what can I say, for the first time in my life (as it seems) I’m not allergic to an animal! Wohooo!

And off I went to start planning all sorts of things. Because, well, I still do have to get everything there is for beekeeping. First I need a beehive, then I need the right tools, clothes and, well, the bees. It’s all still a bit complicated to me, and after a trip to a local shop for beekeepers I know that it’s super expensive. Like, 2000-3000 bucks expensive. Not that I haven’t saved money for that, but I’m not getting far with my 300 bucks. BUT (with a capital U and T), I am currently hunting for second hand stuff. And right now I’m applying for the local beekeeping association.

I am already so excited and a little bit scared.  I’ll definitely keep you posted about all the things to come!

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    • Michelle
      8th February 2018 at 6:47 am


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    Hena Tayeb
    9th February 2018 at 6:12 pm

    Wow.. that sounds so interesting..
    I am deathly afraid of all insects.. so something I’d never ever want to do but hearing about the process is definitely interesting.

    • Michelle
      9th February 2018 at 6:27 pm

      Glad I could catch your interest, maybe you’ll see that bees aren’t so bad after all!

  • Reply
    12th February 2018 at 4:27 pm

    Wow, I had NO CLUE beekeeping could be a hobby. This is so cool; I can’t wait to read more! (And congrats on not being allergic haha!).

    xx Pia

    • Michelle
      12th February 2018 at 4:57 pm

      Haha you’re so right! I’m happy that I can share this and tell you about everything I learn

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